Once you are now knowing a way to effect upon a water informational condition, you may easily understand that the process may be the same for other informational media, all the more that a human is consisted of water up to 70%. When you know mechanics of enio interlink, you may guess that all world processes are goal-directed. I hope that, after having this book read, you will be able reveal and annihilate any negative enio influence by yourself. For instance, one may process a printing ink through the usage of corresponding thoughtforms and print then newspaper, magazine, or a Bible; and now, in Russia, the entire free distributed religion literature is being processed by this very way.

Also, you may see, for example, in a newspaper, a photo of a successive healer, along with his announcement that the newspaper's whole circulation is charged by him for good. No one has asked him to do this, but, if there is a demand then there will be a supply.

During the whole Pisces Era, an ideology of begging has been diligently dinned into a congregation's consciousness: "O Lord, give me a health, a richness, a husband..." and alike. No one wants to be ill, but no one wants also to repent the sins which led him to become ill. Most of people have in their heads only one cry - "Give me, give me!"... But, "Give!.." implies automatically "I shall return". And in Russian mass TV healing which took place in early 90's, the System has successfully conveyed the total zombage of the whole population.

Many people (and, certainly, women) are accustomed to wear different accessories decorated by precious stones. But these stones are "magic" radiating crystals, and if you do not know a type of the influence, it would be better to retrain from wearing. Within 7 to 8 years, any crystal is accustomed to its owner, and is containing entire information concerning the owner - his whole "Karma". So do not wear someone else's stones or decorations, and, all the more, do not pick them up in a street: many sorcerers are goal-directly transferring envoltative programs from their clients onto such stones or decorations. Besides, gold and platinum are catalysts for chemical reactions including those of organism's aging. Human hands are bioenergy lasers designed to increase a thought images' transformation into thoughtforms, while rings, bracelets, chains, and similar things are blocking enio meridians in hands and fingers.

As to earrings and things similar to them, do not remember that there are about 50 acupuncture points on an ear lobe, including those accounted for genitals. In general, ear is a serious human's organ containing a full information as to this given man; and, for instance, using a still photo of ear, special services may identify a person: is it, say, a president's double that arrived to negotiations...

Any crystal's grid is a regularized structure covering a whole multi-dimensionality of it, and any crystal can change Time and Space at both any distance and time. This property has been always used in magic. For instance, spheres made out of a mountain crystal were usually being used to watch through informational fields and exert a remote influence upon person, thing, or situation. But, magicians are usually bearing a retribution for doing this, by their own health condition, so they usually work with crystals through the usage of their non-experienced disciples.

As well, almost every modern device contains now a self-conducting crystal; and independently on whether the device is turned on or off, it changes multi-dimensional Time and Space conditions at any distance from itself; and this unique property is now being used in psychotronic generators.

One example of technotronical magic. In 70's, in Kiev, Russia, state university, a replica of diode was made out of a monocrystal silicon plate. The replica has been formed as diode sign on electrical schemes (pict. 92). Then it occurred to someone to plug the replica to electrical network, and an unforeseen thing happened: the diode began transform an alternative current and work as a super-high-frequency generator. I.e, in parallel with a material structure, a volumetric resonance occurred involved!

Let's now have a look to TV-set, at its "cross-section" (pict. 93). Its tube is a volumetrically-resonating vortex. When you watch TV, an enio exchange is inevitably taking place. The influence from a screen is combined, namely: emotional background, 25th shot, and computer processing of the image. Such techniques were preliminary worked out upon military subdivisions, to prepare cannon-fodder for so-called hot-points on the planet, and were then multiplied and thrown into general public. And, there are many techniques allowing to achieve a maximum effect.

For instance, on a Russian TV, advertisement is necessarily interrupting at the very interesting place of a show. The sense is to make viewers excited and take a potential from them. And the more clever a film is, the more silly should be advertisement. In musical programs, a sharp change of shots and blinking spotlights are for the same goal. A man's immune system becomes then opened and the System may do what it "wants" (pict. 94). When watching corresponding programs attentively, you may find there pentagrams and pentacles included.

The mutual potential of TV viewers is being summed in a central transmitter and, then, transferred to the "consumer" - the System. At this, the Creation's Laws are being observed: no one is forcing men and women watch soap serials and silly shows. The situation is the same worldwidely. The System needs for brainless robots and energy suppliers.

Thus far, for civilization to become independent and having its own evolutionary way, one should become changing himself internally; and, thanking to mobile dispersed genes, the process is now under way, and there is now raising new generation not needed in those technogenouse "crutches". And, all of us have to help those children. Notwithstanding that any of us has mistakes in our lives on this planet, we can protect ourselves and surroundings. There is nothing stronger, in our world, than our own thoughtforms; and if you are sure of this, nothing will change your thoughtforms' materialized upshot.

* * *

Those of you who aspire to have practice may direct your palms to a TV screen and try to sense information from there. Those who are able to "see" may see additional (sic!) information. A protective thoughtform may be as follows:

"The TV set is fully surrounded by an astra-mental sphere. Nothing excluding the information can pass through the sphere's border. Both mental-emotional component and every psychotronic program are being fully annihilated. The released energy goes to Absolute to replenish my own enio potential. This protection is for everyone who needs it" (pict. 95).

You may also validate your new informational senses to compare them with those setting before a protective thoughtform. And if you did everything in a confident way, you may soon notice, for instance, your own children spending less time in front of a TV screen: they have been being hold there mainly by psychotronic programs rather than a translation's contents...

When watching TV, try to pick out informational component exclusively, i.e., try do not perceive an emotional-psychotronic programs' component. And (to repeat it once more) do not be regretting and commiserating with what you see, to avoid taking those person's unfulfilled karmic programs.

The above-mentioned neutralizing thoughtforms you may put down onto any harmful source - books, newspapers, computers, SHF-stoves, and so on. The corresponding thoughtform may be as follows: "Both myself and my surroundings are transparent for any technogenouse influence, at any time and in any local metacode".

And, if you are even being "got", take it, nevertheless, easy: this is only test situation through the usage of which the Creation shows you (using your own mental plane) your mistakes in your informational fields; and without awareness of those mistakes it will be a problem for you to achieve a next level of your own development.


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