The Americanization of the whole Russia has been carried out goal-directly and for years, beginning mainly in 90s. However, neither Americans nor "brothers in reason" will not got any significant results.

The Masonic inculcation into Russian government has been carried out since many centuries. The Masons did not often understand for themselves what they, really, need it for. For instance, the hero of two revolutions, France and American, the Mason marquise de la Fayett has once astonishingly noticed: "The invisible hand is reigning the nations. The more you are envisaging actors and a weapon of total catastrophe, the more can you find, in this, things secret and clandestine". Maximilian Robespierre who succeeded him continued the thought: "Some secret hand is pushing us far beyond the limits of what we want to do. There is some clique working for devastation, and it is impossible to find out who is controlling it." It is a comprehensible thing that for both a Masonic elite and other religious and magic clans it was a stiff task to recognize a PI-conception. They are merely playing their role in the scenery, according to which you must not in any way allow the Russian ethnos gain its full power.

A forced christening of Russia one thousand years ago was one of the strongest blows of the sort. At the background of a medieval obscurantism, a Masonic goal-directed inculcation began: a Masonic mutated eagle has moved onto a Russian national emblem. This took place in a 15th century. Zoya (Sofia), a last Visant emperor's niece and Ivan the Third's wife has supposed to settle this little bird in a heraldry of our country. The bird lived there till 1917 and was then, for 70 years, replaced with a pentagram - a working symbol of a 5th Arcane of Tarot. At the beginning of 1993, this mutated eagle has come to view again, and, in December 2000, has firmly settled himself over Russia residents' heads.

When the eagle was being settled down in a national emblem of USA, President Franklin has written down: "An eagle is a bird that is unworthy of being chosen as an emblem of a great state." Have a look at the back of a one-dollar banknote (pict. 49) where right and back sides of a Great Seal of USA are represented - an eagle, an eye in triangle, and a truncated Indean pyramid. The eagle being a Masonic carrion crow emerged on a seal in 1902; that was just the moment when USA and Russia became antipodes! Before this, France and Germany have played this role. Primarily, on a back side of a year 1782 dollar, a sacral bird of Phoenix has been pictured, a magic symbol of a rebirth (pict. 50). However, the Masons did not notice the substitution. They did not notice also that a sign of $ without its vertical stripes is a working symbol of ancient Spanish magic. This is also a Moebius sheet or a part of an infinity sign. Its visible part works as energy accumulator, while the invisible one conveys the accumulated potential to the "end user". In general, every banknote is always and necessarily provided with magic pantacles and is enio retransmitter allowing to exert a zombage over population and take away its energy potential.

The Great Seal of USA is full of symbolism. The country was primarily formed on a basis of 13 colonies. The eagle possesses just 13 stars over its head - a sacral emblem of ancient consecrated. European magic clans were taking very active part in a process of formation of the United States. Through them, a long-term program was entered by our "brothers in reason", aiming to set a confrontation between the Great World Powers at the end of a XXth century. Motto on the Seal consists just of 13 letters, like the entire Masonic alphabet. In its right foot, the eagle holds a branch of 13 leaves and berries, and in its left foot a bundle of 13 arrows. (The Russian eagle holds a diamond of "Orloff" moved from India - the "third eye" of Shiva.) The front side of a banknote pyramid (excluding a panel carrying the date) consists of 72 stones lain in 13 rows. Here are the words of Charles E. Norton, a Harvard University professor: "The draft which the Congress has aprobated is unexplainable at any perspective; it might be hardly observed in other way - independently on painter's skill - than as tasteless emblem of a Masonic brotherhood." (By the way: the painter was just skillful, and was Russian by his origin!)

The two-headed magic mutant might be found in heraldry of many states. However, to provide a normal PI's performance, a head-of-states' direct consecration is necessary. So Peter the First while his visiting Britain in 1698 became a Mason. Understandable, he was not a single Russian Mason who entered this world esoteric clan controlling by the Outer Reason through a so-called Shambala. President Yeltzin, in Jauary 2000, in Jerusaleme, has been also initiated into the highest Masonic clan of Lord's Coffine Holders; and, a zombied crowd asked no question, in what way The Lord might have a coffin and, in general, what are those holders necessary for?

One of main tasks of the PI is just to draw the Masonic egregor into the Aquarius Era. Otherwise, the Program may come to its end, and earthen civilization becomes free. Members of Masonic brotherhood should to comprehend that they are merely a zombied instrument of an alien Outer Reason, and, in the event the PI failes, they would be annihilated in the first instance - "brothers" will not want to keep such clear evidence. However, zombi cannot think. Their task is to fulfill program entered into their brains.

There is no secret now that USA economics is mainly based on spiritual and financial capacity of other countries, including Russia. So crash in USA economics will cause financial crashes of Russian magnates. The symptoms are yet more and more obvious. Nevertheless, you should not fear: everyone will get what he deserves.

It is a hard stiff to prognose global and multi-dimensional processes; but, Outer Reason will not be an independent observer. The USA were a subject of UFOs' interest in the first instance, and, maximal UFO sightings were happened just in USA. And, analysis demonstrates, that any contacts with UFOs are negative for earthen residents.

On the other hand, negative processes on the Earth will unequivocally touch our "brothers". When organizing their experiments on Earth, under a PI influence, they did not think that sooner or later they will be forced to pay. They happened the hostages of the System themselves! So I am convinced of that, in a short time, our "brothers" activity on Earth will sharply increase. Yet more earthen residents will observe the UFObjects and, accordingly to this, go to thinking over a futility of earthen being. Then, a Contact will happen, and earthen residents will be forced to recognize a multi-dimensionality of the Creation.

You will not wait long. Both mass UFO sightings and pictograms on cereal fields of a whole world in 2000 have once more corroborated the corresponding conclusions of our Center.


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