As the reader already knows, a correction consists of two main parts: (1) mental searching for all multi-dimensional causal-investigatory connections of a patient with regard to pathology he has, and (2) launching into materialization corresponding thoughtforms to correct situation(s). Hands being the biolasers are also usually being used to make a transition "thought image into thoughtform" more effective. In a process of our common talking, you know, gesticulation is constantly changing the parameters of a volumetric resonator - our own physical body. Hands also allow to sensorically reveal different negative programs in patients.

The correction may be divided into paces each of which being an independent unit consisting of set of the concrete thoughtforms. The paces are usually connected with neutralization of one or another program unit put into patient by the System. Each pace may include intermediate steps. LetТs take to a concrete example.

A patient has come to our Center to be treated on the occasional of having gall-stones. Stones are usually a materialized resentment against a patientТs own surroundings, and a potential goes away from a 5th energy center of the person having a grudge. In exchange for this, the offender-vampire "supplies" sand and stones to the personТs gall. A drinkable water or a nutrition have little to do with gall-stones formation. So in order to become healthy a patient has to bring a forgiveness to everyone who has once offended him, and he also has to comprehend that causes of those resentments are laying inside himself. In other words, you must use a thoughtform: "Everyone who gave troubles to this man, withdraw your programs and live further on account of your own potential." After this, you are launching into your correction a thoughtform of stones teleportation to their own deposits. Then you are searching for, in a multi-dimensional Field of Events, a variant of the patientТs matrix, where he knew well of a harm of having resentment; in this variant, the patientТs gall-bladder is OK. So overwrite this matrix into the patientТs Field of Events and launch a regeneration mechanism. The first pace is now over, but not entirely, because a program may return.

To escape this, each of the paces should be reflected in every information vehicle of a multi-dimensionality pyramid, on all levels of informational fields, inside every Field of Events, in multi-dimensionality vortex, in all world and anti-world reflections, in incarnational and anti-incarnational fields, inside the entire "higher' totality consisting of male and female halves. At this, you have also to declare inviolability of a correction you carried out both to the System and all earthen magic clans. Only after this is done, the pace may be considered completed.

A patient has usually not only a disease he is saying to you about. Any defect of an immune shell entails quite a number of its deformations later on projecting onto a physical plane as diseases. So the full enio normalization should be given to a patient as well as an annulling everything preventing him from thinking independently and analyzing his Field of Events. This is a radical peculiarity of our enio-correction method comparing to many of other ones - magic, extrasensory, "non-traditional", and so on.

The main features of individual correction are as follows: at first, you have to reveal all (the SystemТs) structures accounting for a health condition of the patient. Then a preparation stage follows - lancing his reflections in world and anti-world, and, in anti- and reincarnational Field of Events (Fig. 122). Then examine a "worldЧanti-world" border, where the SystemТs knots may occur giving projections of physical diseases. With Fig. 123 validate your sensations. After the knots are revealed, address mentally to the System: "Everyone interested in this patientТs health condition, appear at once to be corrected, withdraw all your programs and return the potential - of all this entity and its surroundings." In parallel, explain patient causes of his maladies, and reveal, in informational fields, corresponding mistakes he had perpetrated. Explain him also that, without his repentance brought to those who has suffered from his silliness and mistakes, the correction will be ineffective.

It is desirable that two or three operators would correct a patient synchronously. The matter is that, for a period of correction, the System may hide its programs inside a multi-dimensionality. So a synchronous multi-dimensional control is usually required. As I have already said, the programs may be of several layers, so constant control of subsequent programsТ fragments as well as that of the previous programs is also necessary. Then a next pace follows, until all the programs disappear both sensorically and visually.

The correction should be both necessary to provide neutralization of all external negative programs and sufficient to give the patient independent way of going out of his situation, of recognizing mistakes perpetrated and to aware his further modus of life. The order of the paces is unimportant, similarly to words for a thought image.

If an energy centers correction is at first carried out and, only after this, a blockage of a main enio channel is removed, the world will not cease its existence, the Time being an abstract moment of our 4-dimensional mode of thinking. There is no Time in the Field of Events, as well as our 4-dimensionality of "yesterday-today-tomorrow". To determine a moment to stop a correction, I usually use a thoughtform: "After a neutralization of all main negative programs, the sensory sensations are ceased". Otherwise the process might last ad infinitum: after (fe)male halves correction, everybody involved should be corrected as well; and, then, everybody who is connected with those involved; and so on.

After main destructive programs of the System are worked through, you may to start synchronizing a patientТs Ego and his astral and mental planes inside a multi-dimensionality pyramid. In many of esoteric sources this is called "to open a third eye". The process is as if final grinding of the correction applying to the entire multi-dimensional entity.

To do this, ask your patient to close his eyes and tell you about the possible changes. Enio-corrector as if starts the correction from the very beginning. A border of "world-anti-world" is being examined again. If the patient was\is an experiencer and has actual phase of a CD-program, a knot will be there on the border - a block against free astra-mental exit into informational fields. If a patient sees a violet background having his eyes closed, there is nothing preventing him from that free exit; further things depend on the patientТs mental plane.

Then you have to explain the patient that his new or recurrent mistakes may return the neutralized programs, and, that he has to begin analyzing his life and his deeds because the System will re-program his Field of Events. You have also to correct his Field of Events using the following thought image: "Everyone who may provoke this patient to perpetrate new mistakes and\or sillinesses, are being removed from his Field of Events".

The term of "individual correction" is, in fact, the abstraction - just like Time, Mass, or Distance. On a physical plane in front of you, you only see a one single patient while, on an astra-mental plane, tens of thousands of the entities who are connected with this given patient are now standing under your correction: all those suffered from him some time, those to whom he was some time helping, those to whom he was commiserating or to whom he was indifferent, and so on. A "picturesque" crowd of the decedents is standing here as well, - those to whom he unconsciously does not allow to go to their next incarnation. Here are also thousands of those from his previous an future incarnations...

The patient is only an address in corresponding informational fields, and, those thousands of entities have merely sent him to you as an address applied to a program. He simply happened to be closer to your work place. So observe a non-personification principle.

Remember, in general, the one thing: you have not to treat the different maladies, but you have to help men and women to get rid of their silliness and help them in correction of their mistakes.


Everyone may give a public seance


If during a healerТs mass seance the crowd is bawling, sobbing, writhing in hysterics, or fainting away, this means that not only the healer can not control the situation but also that a "prodigy" the public went for has accomplished in corresponding attacks and\or other similar effects called by their generalized mental plane. On the other hand, the mass seances carried out in a competent way are of significantly more effect. To achieve this, a brief lecture is necessary before a seance explaining causes of main diseases and consequences of certain mistakes. You may also to stand, in front of you, a generalized phantom of both the public and its immediate surroundings, and your own phantoms will give individual corrections to them. As patients have a different enio background, than, in order to escape possible troubles, the following thought forms might be recommended:

"During this mass seance, the correction for each separate patient is strictly individual, necessary, and sufficient. Similar are all the other corrections for those connected with everyone presenting here.

Also, in case of need, my phantoms will continue correction after the given seance is over, and they will only return to me when the correction is fully completed."

Music during a mass correction is also of importance. But this should not obligatory be an Eastern or so-called cosmic one. Trust your intuition, and this wonТt fail you.


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