If ... someone thinks in another way than myself, he does not, indeed, insult me by this;
on the contrary, he makes me richer.
The base of our unity is a Man, who is more advanced than any of us.

А. de Saint-Exuperie


There is no magic black or white, magic from The Lord or from Satan. Instead, there is a totality of knowledge that a previous incarnation of our earth civilization (as well as other civilizations) has had. This knowledge is mirrored in the Universe Informational Fields (info-fields). Currently, a Fifth Incarnation of earth civilization is going to the end. Our civilization's previous incarnation on the Earth is a civilization of Atlantis. The Atlantic incarnation has ended long time ago; nevertheless, the information about all accumulated knowledge has been saved in the info-fields. And, despite of powerful alien blocks, there was always "specialists" able to use the information. This knowledge just formed a base of esotericism and, in its adapted form, lay into a base of magic as well as religion of all sorts. Usage of this knowledge for good or for evil depended always on a given concrete man.

In this world, you have to pay for anything, and, such payment may rather be of high category.

When a moment to return Karmic debts occurs, many usually become touchy and astonished: what for? - they say.

However, in our Universe, the Absolute's Laws say: "Good and Creativity are a norm of Life; Evil is punished, in every its form". So you should not wait reward for your good deeds, while Evil, accordingly to a Law of Boomerang, will return to who have born it.

There is another immutable law: an individuality's (as well as a whole civilization's) willingness inviolability. So one who created an evil or, in other words, violated enio-laws of the universe, is being punished himself becoming his own executioner. In their most adapted form, these laws are outlined in testaments of every religion. The confessions whose base ideology implied a possibility of violation the enio-laws, condemned themselves (as well as a whole egregorial ethnos) to extinction. And, the more violation, the quicker extinction.

All our diseases, misfortunes, and cataclysms are, just a payment for violation the enio-balance among the Earth and Universe. Goethe, being not only a great poet, but, also, a great esotericist, has written, that all Earth's organisms are "the one great element where a one species if do not emerges through the another, still, anyway, support himself". Imperceptibly for himself, a human went over to a camp of destructors. Destruction is not a construction, a soul is not very worried about it, especially as there is nothing some of the sort already. In such a case, you should not astonish why Russia became a cesspit. We wanted this for ourselves. And, what is the saddest, we continue wanting to live in this cesspit. Accordingly to a Law of Willing Inviolation, no one is going to pull us out from the cesspit. Even a sort of healers, psychists, sorcerers, and so on, i.e., all who are summoned up, in these hard times, to help patients and those who had lost their way, - doll up bright labels like "guru", "teacher of international level", and so on, making from their sacral duty an item of income. However, the opportunity of helping is being rendered to a healer in exchange for atonement of his own sins through diseases, misfortunes, and alike.

Many men and women, in our times, including church officials, are getting into the habit of hiding themselves behind the name of God and the Bible, while forgot, as it was, even to look through the Holy Script. Much is being telling of there, indeed. For example, that the End of World is not a one-moment event. This is a Cosmic Death, opposing to a human's physical one. Of course, this cosmic waste may coincide with a physical death. For someone, this will be AIDS, for another - an earthquake, then a flood, or, a nuclear explosion…

Things never occur at random! Passengers, in airplane predetermined to wreck, are not gathered there at random; Hiroshima and Nagasaki residents did not incarnate at random just in this century - they went to compensate their Karma for their medieval obscurancy. Just for that reason, there is a Japanese not fitted to a generally accepted paradigm, who, for more than one hour long, stayed in epicenter of nuclear explosion, than raised his own children, saw his grandsons, and never had any signs of a radiation sickness. No deviations were confirmed in his children and grandsons, as well. That way, accident is a chain of unrevealed predictable things, hidden behind our blindness.

In His preachings, Jesus would say, "You are in sin, 'cause you are blind; and, if you think you see you'll stay in sin forever".

Almost everyone who possesses ESP should say, after reading John's Gospel, that Jesus do said about a third eye, reincarnations, and healing. As a politic and religion institution, the Christianity rejects such an interpretation; however, the Moscow eparchy, in its leaflet as to zombying through a third eye, has consigned to anathema both members of that "Maria Devi" sect and ESP-psychists, who in advance warned about mass zombying possibility.

Unfortunately, while cursing psychists, healers, sorcerers, and astrologists, for their alleged connection to Satan, The Orthodox Church did not notice a Satanism penetrated into her own cult rituals and festivals. For instance, a paganistic festival of Easter is nothing more than a cult of phallus sacrifice onto an Isis chancel, and, for a long time already, coinciding with elections of "Witch of the Year", in given locality; of women, the one who touch first a crux taking out, has won. Then, in turn, a (paid-for) rite of christening includes an element of magic involtation - a program for lethalisation: hairs are being cut off, wrapped into a little wax ball and put into a water font. A description of the rite you can find in manuals on destructive magic, but, not in the Bible! Jesus got christening in His thirty years, and, initiation, in one's early years, is a violation of a Law of Willing Inviolability. In this way, yet more men and women say the initiation (be it in Christianity or Islam) to be only effected after a person's own consent and coming of age.

Well, in our life, everyone makes mistakes and pays them for himself. We must not judge, so much so that this commandment implies a power law of enio exchange. From esoteric point of view, the law says: "Beginning from 5th-dimension spaces (an astral plane), the Time as a co-ordinate of lower metric space loses its sense as a directed time stream". You may image it as follows: while seeing the physical processes of our 4-dimensional space at least through the astral plane (i.e., a 5-dimensionality; like Vanga, for instance, used to do), we could see an informational field of events (IFE), in which a man is being born, lives, and comes to death synchronously in all his incarnations; distance and mass are of no importance, here. Just thanking to this enio-law, distance diagnostics and healing are possible, in any Time direction - both in the Future and the Past. Such situation gives us opportunity of carrying out mass healing, correcting, and like courses, as the Law permits to healer forming any number of his astro-mental doubles-phantoms, at any distance and time. It is absolutely of no importance, is a healer right near his patient, in a hall, or, is it his radio or TV broadcasting, or live ether, or early-prepared audio transmission. In any event, those corrections are being gone through the info-fields (IFE) of a whole Creation.

A reader may put a question here: "This all is very interesting, but, in what way is it connected to The Commandments and everyday life?" You see, according to the Law, the person you are right now recalling, is ought to come forward beside you, at the astral plane. Time and distance make no importance. The person might be a living one, or, gone long time ago, or, in general, an entity of other world. By the way, such a principle is an underlying reason of spirit seances.

The Law not only allows human (animal, plant, etc.) healing; in many psychotronic labs and centers of the world, for a long time already, distant monitoring, technical means correction, ships and airplanes location are being under carrying out.

Knowledge may be applied in an ambivalent way - for Good or for evil. The destruction may be performed through any distance and time. Astral karate is one of the species. Somebody has dislike you - and, single-minded astral shot causes heart attack or a stroke. A possibility is to exterminate slowly, as well…

You may argue, that "these things are only available to the advanced and experienced persons graduated relevant schools'. However, you will be wrong. Everybody is able of doing this. Almost everybody is such an experienced person.

In Bible, it is being said that any authority is a measure of responsibility as to job carried out right now. Some men or women would call a patient's phantom over a distance of thousands of miles, to help. Others, not least successfully, are engaged with destruction of their likes. Fairly often, those gathered, for instance, for a cup of tea, begin "washing-over the bones" of their acquaintance. But, just in the same moment, this person, for example, is crossing a crossroads; and, our astral filth, may make him feel faint… Lost orientation, an accident. "O Lord, we've just recalled him right in the same time!" Just because of recalling with filth and hatred… Retribution is unequivocal, anyhow. Someone turns over a boiling water on himself, other started oncology… - when those talkings are already forgotten long time ago.

To properly materialize your own thoughtform, you have to image everything well, to see a situation as it has to be, and, then, leave the situation and forget fully of what you have primarily wanted. Then the program starts its materialization, beginning to act. Programs in a form of joke or working while contacting with an unacquainted person are being launched in the lightest way. The same accounts for destructive programs, as well. It is a hard task to forget a suffering and dying child; however, more simply is to forget an occasional passer-by who pressed your foot in a subway, or, made your new suit dirty. "Be you… " - i.e., you are rotating a key in a program made up in advance by an hegregor of sorcery. Then, the program goes on: "… empty!" (failure of a pregnancy); "… hands without!" (a paralysis, in future); "… eyes without!" (lost of eyesight; a cataract …)

At first sight, all this looks like a silly drivel. However, this performs flawlessly, especially when you have forgotten your willings and allowed the situation to go freely. This is a foundation of the highest magic. Sooner or later, all such things return to those who originated them, as an inevitable blow, even in a next their life/incarnation, in a form of possible illnesses, deformities, infertility, or aloneness.

Unfortunately for many, a man is a mortal being. However, only his external shell is mortal. The last one is as if a changeable battery for an immortal multi-dimensional body - an integral part of a Creation.

In these latter decades, new and new hypotheses on Evolution and construction of the Creation are arising: the one of biological structurality, the Butstrap, by F. Capra of UCLA, and so on. However, everything new is, simply, a well-forgotten old one. All those hypotheses possess, however, something in common, - namely, a necessity of a consciousness, freed from base constants like G, C, and h (Planck's), to have a Universe and Creation be in harmony. No one could make us to be a free and sapience person if we do not want this for ourselves.

The surrounding world exists just as much time as our imagination as to him exists, and, the construction of the world is just the same as we are imaginating it.


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