In ufology known six main types of contact with extraterrestrial intelligence. 1 st - man-made observation flight, plazmoydnyh, galagraficheskih UFOs. 2 nd - watching the UFO landing and exit nlonavtov. 3rd - enter into a dialogue telepathic contact with nlonavtami. 4-th - the presence on board a UFO and fly to the planets BP. 5 th - conducting medical and biological surveys and experiments with earthlings, usually accompanied by seizures of eggs, sperm and implantation. 6 th - direct sexual contact with earthlings nlonavtami.

CE-5 and -6 types are well-known and have been described since already a long time. Almost everyone who was rotarily abducted is able to remember (under hypnotic regression or enio correction) of being taken his ovule or sperm for an alleged genetic bank for the earthens. Aliens consider our civilization as coming to its end, so they take care of rescuing it, in such a manner... Also the Old Testament says that Gods entered earthen women.

We in our Center consider this problem to be significantly wider and more serious than most of the ufologists do. Many years of our practice allowed us to reveal so-called program of a Cosmic Donoring, or, a CE-7 type of UFO-contacts. As the reader already knows, any program is at first a rite carried out on a physical plane. Later on, when a critical mass is gained, these pre-compiled programs may be launched from a mentally-verbal level (by prays, incantations, or, a simple thought). The materializing agent here is a thought image embodied into a thoughtform. This also hold true for the Cosmic Donoring (CD)-program. The earthens were at first accustoming through CE-5 and Ц6 types, and, later on, only a thought can work.

The number of persons having CD-program is significantly more than those having CE-6. Moreover, practically everyone is involved in this program! Our civilization is, to a certain extent, an incubator to raise "our brothers" astra-mental embryos, and the earthens themselves have consented to this! The matter is that technogenous path of evolution is a dead-end one, and many of "our brothers" have forgotten a natural way to reproduce themselves, let alone their Karmic-conditioned defective genetics. To have a new-born child normal, be it on the Earth or on one Alpha Centauri, an astral, mental, and so-called spiritual or moral levels of entity are necessary, besides of three-dimensional DNA. But most of aliens are bio-robots and are deprived of these planes. And the System wants us to be like they. So let envisage the CD-program in more details.

Only a consent of the very human is a condition of being involved in the CD-program; otherwise addresses of "incubator" workers will stay in informational fields. The permissions to be involved are spiritism, fortune-telling, abortions, desire to see an UFO, a CE-1 (a ball lightning inclusively), desire to have a close encounter, and, in particular, a porno produce which stimulates sexual illusions.

Women are more sensible beings and are more subjected to CD-program. In their dreams, they see themselves pregnant, or in labor, or feeding babies, or having intercourse with "men". These "men" may assume the form of a husband or a lover. In spring of 1991, the above-mentioned role of the "men" began to play the President Putin, as a result of psychotronic processing of a Russian electorate (the System acted through "our brothers"). Also the Russian men have seen Putin in their dreams, usually as a straightforward fellow. But an address of Putin has stayed there in informational fields, and this was a grandiose mistake of the System. Also astra-mental bestiality actions are wide-spread in the dreams : usually, with big black dogs.

CD-program involved women who have usually a painful mensus, where blood clots are a projection of removed embryosТ lower astral plane(s). CyclesТ hold-ups and pseudo-pregnancies are now periodically being registered (for instance, in July-August of 1996; see Bulgarian UFO-research Association President Alexander Vlakhoff at the 5th UFO conference in Moscow, in October 1996). We in our Center in Rostov have also revealed this synchronously-gone process in Russia and Kazakhstan.

Under the above-mentioned pseudo-pregnancy, women have the corresponding feelings, and their organism begins to physiologically restructurize itself, throwing into confusion traditional medicine. On a physical plane, such CD-programmed women have usually their external genitalias periodically changed in volume, with maximum before a pseudo-pregnancy and astral contact.

The active phase of a CD-program blocks a normal sexual life of the women (scandals in family, divorces, a monastic mode of life). The System-built monkshood is just for these purposes, because absence of a normal earthen sexual life provokes an astra-mental one, with contacts of all kinds of entities. So sexually deprived monks and nuns are powerfully materializing corresponding thoughtforms, for the System pleasure. Besides, as you already know, the monks and nuns are souteneurs and prostitutes in their next incarnations, and become a kernel of a "risque group". The CD-programmed women have also problems with their procreative function: infertility, spontaneous abortions, extra-uterine pregnancy, and alike.

The CD-program is a multi-faceted one. For instance, the female teachers have usually a retransmitting program in them. The processes of learning and, all the more, taking an examination, is usually a stress. Under examination, an immune shell of the students becomes opened, and the CD-program is freely inculcating into them (in the first instance, into the girls). Under these circumstances, there is even no necessity to watch UFO, and many of young girls in schools are already "a factory-made good # Е".

The CD-program another part is aimed at taking away a sperm astra-mental plane from men, and is usually more active in their pubescence period, being executed in their sleep (usually, through the spontaneous pollutions). So young Russian soldiers are not giving a holiday during their first two to three years in Army; the System keeps up its donors: to built "our brothers" astra-mental embryos, a pure "raw material" is necessary.

Abortions and miscarriages are another (and, twofold) facet of the CD-program. On the one hand, it is a taking away the unborn babiesТ astra-mental planes; on the other hand, it is a condition of an unpunished existence of the ruling esoteric clans. As I have already said, just through these very clans the System was inculcating its programs into subtle plans of humanity and Earth.

The abortion is always a murder! Besides, any abortion case is a good opportunity for Karmic transfer. Authority and crime is avers and reverse of the same medal. Only several years from now : and every person climbing to power or wanting to become President or alike, will be considered by a society as a mentally impaired one. The Great Britain scientists have found a special enzyme in a blood of those wielded the sceptre, the effect of the enzyme being analogous to drug addiction. To assure a positional stability for these mentally impaired ones, the System was (and, is) constantly redistributing a Karmic responsibility : from those persons onto a mob. This was (and, is) being accomplished through religion rites and abortions, and now, in 2002nd, through a blood from those high and mighty of this world, both of these actions being, in fact, a sacrifice rite. An artificial entity (or, entity which had to be born actually) is also being usually instillated into a woman and, through a Field of Events, the woman is being persuaded to make an abortion : to kill a person going to the materialization. Even a girl of 5 to 6-years old has already astra-mental plane of her future children. It is just they who choose us to be their parents, to do us the honor of being an instrument for their materialization!

Out of so-called "wasted abortion material", rejuvenating preparations for those wielded the scepter are afterwards being made, while the ill-starred parents are paying for this by myomas, fibromas, and a prostate gland problems. At this, in the Earth informational fields, those "high-positioned" persons are as if the new-born ones, and are normally living on astra-mental plane for account of those parentsТ energy.

If a family possesses other children, and, all the more, born after an abortion, a natality of the unborn children is being superposed onto those children natality. This usually leads to a difficult nature of a man, or to splitted personality, tendency to aggression, and so on.

So we can see that the CD-program was (and, is) successfully being inculcated through a traditional medicine. A human birthplace and a time of the birth are determining his natal card : possibility of his self-realization in this given incarnation. But such things as pre-planned parturition, or Caesarian section, or parturition stimulators\retardants, may totally change a human fate. When compiling a natal card for a person, you must know not only hour, but even a minute of his birth; on the other hand, in pre-planned parturition the corresponding deviation may comprise several days! Besides, parturition under the unaesthetic sharply increases a baby predisposition to drug addiction in his future. And, in general, parturition in modern maternity hospitals is a great stress for a new-born baby. A blinding light, the glaring instruments resembling those from his previous incarnation where he has been torturedЕ "Is it possible that this nightmare continues?"

It is understandable that the CD-program cannot be stopped by traditional science. A quantity of persons involved in the program is constantly increasing, and corresponding critical mass may significantly harm our civilization genetic spare. Then women which are constantly under a sexual contact with our virtual "brothers-in-reason", will find themselves out of a somebody help : something that the System just wanted to occur!

Here are several thoughtforms for those who are not indifferent to the fate of our civilization: "Everyone interested in this entity birth to be blocked, as well as those who are connected with astral overlappings programs, at once annul all of your programs, withdraw a potential taken away, and go into your own Space-Time. All entities instillated in this patient astra-mental plane, take our help in our total correction and go into your next incarnation or into your own Space-Time. More reason and awareness to you."

Concerning a compatibility inside a family. As entity halves may not synchronously go to their materialization and may not be then united because of violations described above, you may mentally turn to the different halves comprising this very family and offer them to exchange their characteristics, for this given incarnation; let envisage a fig. 119:

A family (1) consists of the united halves of the different entities. If the exchange you have offered is perceived and taken, the family, as a rule, becomes normalized, : and, usually, not only the family but also children because Field of Events happens under correction as well.

Analogously with trans-sexual persons: you have turn to both master of body and to instillated entity. Help the last one to go to its next incarnation, and help the body a astra-mental plane to unite with its physical one. The same work should be also accomplished for families having the adopted children: their Field of Events must become synchronized with that of their adoptive parents.

To correct a procreative function, it is, first of all, necessary to annul the Cosmic Donoring program. During a correction, many of patients usually come to remembering their close encounters with the aliens. And I say here once more: you must be out of any aggression during such "channeling", even if "our cosmic brother" seems to you as an eerie monster. Once they treat us as donor material, we may seem monsters to them as well. Offer them help in normalizing their natural procreative process; in that case, they used to remove their donor programs with a gratitude. Then correct your patient incarnational mistakes and normalize everyone who suffered because of him.

Besides, those going to be materialized may have different enio-incarnational violations. It was just these violations that allowed "our brothers" to block their births. So after a procreative function of, say, this married couple became normalized, then their future children will also be normalized. To do this, you have to annul, in the Field of Events, every negative situation like "He (or, she) is not a pair for you"; "It too early to have a child", or negative medical intervention (abortion and alike). You have then to fully restore a future child multi-dimensionality pyramid as well as his informational fields, make his Field of Events corrected in his future incarnation and, then, have his subsequent incarnational overwritings corrected as well. A meeting of his entity two halves should also be corrected. So you are correcting not only the married couple that is actually under correction and which will give birth to a male half of the entity, but also the other married couple through which a female half of the entity will go to materialization.

On the other hand, however, there are many (she-)patients who are (and, were) visiting our Center on the occasion of their undesirable pregnancy and knowing abortion to be a serious Karmic violation. But some words about in-family interrelations should be said here at first. In a vast majority of cases, a cause of many children psychopathology is a parentsТ unwillingness to save an already conceived child. This is worse than a usual abortion, and adversely affects the entire future life of the child. In such situation, you have to turn mentally to the entity going to the materialization, and explain a negatives to possibly ensue. Offer to reject such materialization and offer your help in searching for and correction other possible parents, as well as correction its new materialization. If you do this competently, the entity goes away with a gratitude, and you are not violating the Laws of Creation. The rest things depend on the woman. If she has believed, than her pregnancy ceases; if not, a surgical intervention cannot harm, too, since astra-mental plane of the child is already away.

There is also a special twins program. Each of them is a previous incarnation of his or her brother or sister. For some reasons, the twinsТ entity has been forced to become embodied by two or more its physical bodies. As the entity is one, so the twins are synchronously getting sick, or married, or giving birth to their children, and so on. One of them is usually dominating. If they got sick, one of them may become chronic while the second one passes through the situation without any special harm : on account of the another one. Order of their birth is of no matter, but each of them has his own natal card: a five minutes interval is, in general, of significance.

The twins program was inculcated by the System to make earthens accustomed to similar humans. The program allowed to give birth to doubles from both different parents and from different metacodes. This, in turn, allowed to sort out doubles for those wielded the sceptre, to stand on a tribune and greet a public. It is important to know here that, during this job entrusted to him, such double becomes a person actually ruling the country (!) and able to even change a path of evolution through his own natal card working at the moment! Additionally, many such doubles used to take part in real political affairs. While the same-ovule twins used to die practically synchronously, the doubles may have absolutely different natal cards. What happens if, for instance, a President has several doubles? The twins birth is a pathology, all the more that one of them died in the way of a parturition. This means that another double has somewhere born. But in general, as I have said, the entity has to become embodied through the use of individual physical plane. And, in correction a Field of Events of the twins that are already born, you have to anticipate a uniting the entity prior to its incarnation.


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