Chapter 1

Viktor Rogozhkin


There are no miracles on the Earth. A self-consciousness of the Nature, which is a man on the Earth,
should possess an universal sight, oriented not only to the Space, but also to the Time.
The core of a matter lies behind the level of a planetary reason evolution.



Eniology is a science studying the processes of energy and informational exchanging in the universe. In 1989, an "ENIO" Association was set, on the base of which was registered (in April, 1995; No.2693) the International Academy for Energy and Informational Sciences, for a president of which was elected Firjaz R. Khantzeveroff. It was he who, for a long time, headed the one of the most serious war department, has thought of that new term. Now, the Academy unites many science centers both in Russia and abroad.

Viktor Rogozhkin


If ... someone thinks in another way than myself, he does not, indeed, insult me by this;
on the contrary, he makes me richer.
The base of our unity is a Man, who is more advanced than any of us.

А. de Saint-Exuperie


There is no magic black or white, magic from The Lord or from Satan. Instead, there is a totality of knowledge that a previous incarnation of our earth civilization (as well as other civilizations) has had. This knowledge is mirrored in the Universe Informational Fields (info-fields). Currently, a Fifth Incarnation of earth civilization is going to the end. Our civilization's previous incarnation on the Earth is a civilization of Atlantis. The Atlantic incarnation has ended long time ago; nevertheless, the information about all accumulated knowledge has been saved in the info-fields. And, despite of powerful alien blocks, there was always "specialists" able to use the information. This knowledge just formed a base of esotericism and, in its adapted form, lay into a base of magic as well as religion of all sorts. Usage of this knowledge for good or for evil depended always on a given concrete man.

Viktor Rogozhkin


A knowledge of what things have to be like, demonstrates a clever person.
A knowledge of what these things are in reality, demonstrates an experienced person.
A knowledge of a way to alter the things for best, demonstrates a genius.

D. Diderot


In the East, for a long time ago, men and women knew well that our world was more complex than its generally accepted picture we receive by our five senses. These approachments have their roots in hermetical knowledge of Ancient Egypt. For already in those times, men and women discoursed about construction of both micro- and macroworld, trying to grasp origin and purpose of a human.

Viktor Rogozhkin


In traditional science, experiment is one of a main criteria to corroborate a theory or hypothesis. If you managed to get a reproducible result, the theory in question was being considered as truthful. However, the scientists, since a long time ago, are of the opinion that any hypothesis only becomes a theory when its supporters are under gathering. It is of interest, as well, that, in modern days, prior to setting the key experiments to corroborate a hypothesis, many of experimenters would superstitionally try to take into account any potentially unfavorable factor — naturally, preferring do not broadcast about it.

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