Let's envisage some enio approachments to a phenomenon of zombage. From the very beginning, there was a sort of magic games — which of sorcerers or magicians is the strongest. With time, in progress of civilization, special services in different countries evolved interest to this issue. The explanation is that, in opposition to psychotropic, the psychotronic techniques could not be identified instrumentally, at that time. But, for instance, nowadays, as I have already said above, the research group in Stavropol, Russia, headed by Vladimir I. Krivokon, has developed computer technology allowing detection psychotronic influence and building corresponding protection.

So-called psychotronic replicas are, really, a mental construction, a fully developed thought image of victim's required mode of behavior. Unlike programs of magic envoltation, these programs are usually pursuing only one object — to obtrude definite behavior to a man, to a group, or even to a whole ethnos. And, in critical situations, such programs may annihilate not only their carriers, but also their own creators.

These programs differ from verbally-mental magic NL-programmation in only that these programs are astrally independent. To launch them, there is no necessity of spelling corresponding key phrases. The programs are only being launched once and may then exist during unlimited time as well as act at any distance.

For instance, a Boris Zolotoff's (Russia) zombie program looks, on an astral plane, like it is showed on Fig. 96. In a man's occipital area, there is a main program unit which may be perceived like semi-transparent sphere supplied with a root going into a man’s spinal column (like in radish). From the root and along the ribs, secondary little ribs go out, so the program was correspondingly called "a radish". The main root goes to coccyx, a center of psychological balance in man, and ends with a "remote control unit".

We in our Center could not first tear this radish radically away: the program was rapidly regenerated itself if even a little astral piece of its secondary root has been being left unremoved. And the program was firstly hard to be revealed in a patient; only indirect features were demonstrating its presence there. In order to visualize it in its totality, we had to speak something hurtful or unusual to a patient. Then the "sleeping" program would boil like milk and could be both easily identified and well-visible, on astra-mental plane.

During first years of our endeavors of removing the program radically, the process looked like a corrida. We had to hook the program on astral plane and forcefully push it out from patient. We did not know, at that time, a program’s astral individual zombying code and were forced to inculcate ourselves into it in a harsh way, and, then, patiently search for the code. Under the process, our patients would go up and down the room, like pendulum, in their full consciousness; or, they might cower or crouch or do some unthinkable pirouettes looking, at their external appearance, like robots with failed program of orientation. In subsequent years, we could videotape the process of removing of zombie programs from many high-ranking persons, and those tapes were shown on television and passed then to the Russia State Duma.

Researching into polarization of human's main enio flow through the usage of pendulum has demonstrated that pendulum was usually rotating 5 to 6 seconds counterclockwise, 2 to 3 seconds along the head, and 5 to 6 seconds clockwise. This meant that a polarization spectrum has differed radically from "Eastern" and "Western" flow patterns. The pendulum examination of portraits of different times’ national leaders revealed all them having a zombie program... We also have soon learned that coccyx trauma may facilitate program to emerge; and we have many times seen images of skates inside zombied persons' informational fields — an ideal thing to provide man with a coccyx (7th enio center) trauma.

In Boris Zolotoff's program, we also found a zombie network (Fig. 97): an average "disciple" — his\her "guru" — our "brothers in reason" — and, the System. In this network, we have found then a sub-network of "the chosen few" able to channel telepathically. These (wo)men are not really human beings, but, rather, biological robots.

In our Center, we are of the opinion that every native earthen resident has to have an ability of channeling, rather than only a little group of those "chosen ones". To support itself energetically, the System is usually using a potential of so-called "accidental" (wo)men, through programming them cranial trauma(s). After this, those (wo)men usually begin to hear a zombie team's conversations, and find themselves under a great risk of being placed into mental hospital.

To remove zombie program(s), it takes at least a will of a patient himself. However, as our practice demonstrated, the patients who gone through Krishnaism, Mormons, or other sects similar to those, happen already unable to ask for help. (By the way, Christianity fanatics are truly mad persons...) All such men and women are, practically, deprived of their Ego; they are not human beings any longer.

To enio-correct such zombied person (by the way, most of earthens are now zombied), you have to astra-mentally go to this zombie program's "author(s)" and "boss(es)" and demand instant removing their entire network's programs. Through the usage of thought images, you have also both opportunity and right to fully annihilate the whole network and direct the released energy to your own "energy holding". But, however, — only potentially! No one of those zombie-team's members has asked you to do this, — on the contrary: many of them are liking such a subordinated position. But, under a process of your removing the network, they may choose between staying robots or becoming free of their zombie program(s).

There is also an interesting co-incidence: in magic, to inculcate into victim's or patient's astra-mental plane, a biological laser effect is used: with combination showed on Fig. 98, a thumb and forth (ring) finger spectra become integrated, and a word of "Z" (sic!) is being drawn on a person's astral shell; so be care of the most of icons.

Even Jesus Christ's image is now being depicted just in this magic way! It is important here to know that astral plane of almost any person who is appealing to icon is being automatically destroyed. Analogously, in Rostov-on-Don (Russia), the monument for Dimitry of Rostov is lancing an energy balance of every person passing by. "Z", Zolotoff, zoloto ("gold", in Russian), zombage... — isn't there too many co-incidents?

In general, when crossing himself, a man is directing a concentrated energy flow from his fingers, at first, horizontally (oncological unit — 4th energy center — lymph unit) and, then, vertically, along a main channel, from 2 to 6 energy center. Although this magic action do annihilates his harmful programs, it is nevertheless better not make yourself dirty with your own thoughts.

At present, there is no necessity for patient to address to our Center to remove namely his zombie program(s). It is enough for him now to come with a simple ache in his knee, and all the rest is removed automatically. And, there is no any violation of Higher Laws in such an approachment because people usually do not know that they are zombied.

* * *

In the early '90s, we in our Center have been forced to get acquainted with Alexander Solodiloff's psychotronic generators consisted firstly of rather simply devices (Fig. 99). An operator may take the device in his hand (a biolaser principle again), direct it to object, and generate necessary thoughtform. At first, we were greatly astonished at those devices’ possibilities. For instance, a fuel oil under 40 grad. Cels. (104 gr. Fahr.) became fluid within 10 minutes or less (Fig. 100).

When working in collaboration with Solodiloff, I have had misgivings about his technology to may happen out of control; and Solodiloff did not blind the real state of affairs, — namely, that the technology he had received from one of Orion civilizations. The matter is that earthen operator cannot control the entirety of processes, and this is the objective of the technology. For instance, upon removing from any earthen resident 3 to 4 mgr. of less-common metals, his organism becomes destroyed; and, if accomplish it globally, we shall have on the Earth, again, crude oil, chalk, and coal. Thus far, it takes high moral operators to work with such kind of devices easily able to defeat not only a town but also a country. Such influence may also be directed into both Past and Future Time, — for instance: an operator's "joke" from today may cause Hitler's attack the USSR in 1941; or, elections in country may happen impossible; and so on. Generators belonging to its first generation may now be made easily, and we may think that criminal structures in our country are now using them widely. In parallel, almost any information broadcasting officially via mass media is being accompanied with psychotronic brainwashing.

However, everything should be paid for. So, an USSR empire has paid for psychotronic experiments of KGB's 12th Department (and, not only on its own country's population) by its almost total disintegration. Analogously in criminal structures: usage of psychotronic technologies in criminal business is being paid for by those men’s lives. Furtive esotericists from ruling clans were aware of danger of such technologies and, to supply their thoughtforms with exact addresses, tried to synchronously use NLP.

In Russian language, there is a possibility of building of senseless 40-minutes speech for any society’s leader, and a zombied mob will notice nothing. This artificially-compiled pattern is almost fully similar to real speeches of our leaders. The mob applauded, but, eniology has said to us that silliness of our leaders and population will soon be paid by cataclysms, wars, catastrophes, terrorism, and so on. For instance, our war in Caucasus became paid for by terrorism in Moscow as well as in other towns.

So we recommend to everyone who was coding, zombying, and programming — to analyze these actions until the Creation gives us a last chance. And for zombied men and women wanting to get rid of these programs we have a practical advise:

— with all your heart ask pardon for any form of fortune-telling, conjuring up, and magic rites you have ever accomplished; ask pardon from people who may suffer because of your magic actions. It is your own enio violations that allow zombying programs to be freely instilled into your subconsciousness.

— only once but, with full confidence, declare to the System about your volition inviolability. The thoughtform may be as follows: “My will and my reason are inviolable! At once, leave alone myself and my immediate surroundings! Take all your programs away! Return my potential you have taken and go to your own Space and Time!

(This thoughtform you may express by your own words.)

* * *

After a man’s zombie programs are removed, a craving for creation is usually emerging in him. He begins wanting to paint, compose music, write verses, and alike. However, the System, to remake the Earth for its own needs, has instilled into the planet a number of artificial biological robots; and Program of Inculcation is being realized just and mainly through them. If you are not a clairvoyant person, you cannot distinguish them from native earthens. They are nowadays presenting on any level in any society including also magic ruling clans. To make mob to resignedly fulfill a work of goal-directed changes in our planet’s climate and appearance, the mob should be deprived of its will and right to choose independently its fate. Zombie programs are means of such remote control over earthen residents; a creative potential is being replaced by zombie programs. As I have already said, as far back as in 1995, in collaboration with Stavropol Medical school, we have instrumentally demonstrated that any man on the Earth is able to influence upon biological and technical objects within any range of (direct and indirect) Time and Space. However, such a misqualified influence is being paid for by diseases, cataclysms, catastrophes, and alien meddling in earthen evolution. We in our Center believe that our civilization is still winning, but, no one and nothing is able to make a man free if he himself does not want to be free. So we determine our fate by ourselves.


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