On a humanТs physical plane, there are no any malady provided for a man primordially. To get a disease, it is necessary and sufficiently, for a man, to commit silliness infringe enio Laws in the Creation. If a man is observing these Laws, the System can do nothing to him. No one has also a right to insist that he has not been taught those Laws: he has, and, not only one time. But, humanity did not believe and, in that way, has silently approved an inculcation of alien Program for taking the human potential away.

I am warning here once more that any contact with so-called Aliens is a destructive thing. If you have small volume of Karmic mistakes, you will not see UFOs at all: they will avoid meeting you, or, you will merely admire their elaborate and recondite turns. But, in parallel with this, we must recognize alien worlds and civilizations, to be the earthens no longer treated like we now treat our cockroaches, mice, and\or guinea-pigs...

I am saying here once more that System is not merely a one or two hundred of alien civilization experimenting over the earthens; the System is multi-dimensional entity alien to our Creation. "Brothers-in-reason" are victims of the System just like the earthens themselves! So if any of us would, at last, want to become a normal being, we should not personify things on the Earth with an alien activity here. They need help themselves, and, such help is often being provided to them in our enio corrections.

Let now envisage once more the causes and sense of what has taken place.

1. A Program of Inculcation and its main stages

The Program consists of four main phases as well as from many secondary "masking" branches veiling a main stem of the Program (Fig. 107). Branches are separate sectors and units of the main phases: allergy (idiosyncrasy) and oncology programs, HIV infection, AIDS, A-program, and, at last, a Stella program. Four main phases plus their masking branches are all known diseases and other enio programs.

2. An allergy

Our researching into causal-investigatory connections in patients suffering from allergy have revealed foreign astral agents in those patients blood, the agents destroying the blood chains. Each type of allergy has its own typical agent: balls, squares, triangles of different color, and so on (Fig. 108).

To understand causes of those agents - occurrence, we watched through incarnations of many such patients. And we have always seen there infringements of the Higher Laws these patients have committed (in particular, devastation of flora). So we now consider allergy to be Karmic repayment of human potential: from a humanity to the Nature. LetТs envisage some typical examples.

In bygone days, a sort of execution exists: a person condemned to this type of execution has been being tied to a horse, by his feet, and has been being pulled along the ground. At this, his hands instinctively caught everything, including different plants. Biological substance of those torn plants (and, in particular, their pollen) happened in wounds and, then, in a blood system. After this man death, a genetic information of the plants emerged in his informational fields, besides of information concerning himself. And in his next incarnation, a corresponding astral marks (addresses) of plants, in his blood, are just those balls, squares, triangles, and so on. In his "allergic" seasons (usually, summer or spring), his energy potential goes correspondimgly to restore the damaged Earth flora.

In cases of idiosyncrasy to a down, incarnations show the down in these men lungs and blood at the moment of their death. Some of them have been killed by a pillow, others have gone through a next type of execution, namely, when a man was dying in room goal-directly filled with a down. The enio mechanism is the same as the one described above. Patients with allergy to fur and\or wool were, as a rule, the former fur-dressers occupied in fur and fell manufacturing; and, to make their articles to serve longer, they prefer tore the felts down from the animals still alive... Or, animals and poultry have been slaughtered merely in reserve, and, being unused and thrown out, the corresponding Karmic responsibility for this unnecessary murder was distributed onto everyone concerned. The Main Organizers of such an activity stayed, certainly, pure because of Karmic transportation; however, their children are now paying for by drug addiction, dipsomania, sterility, and alike.

Allergy to dust is a consequence of different works of transforming the EarthТs surface. This also holds true for tuberculosis and lung cancer. Our planet is a living entity, and, if we destroya its structure, we have to compensate it Ч by our own potential.

The humanity must always support balance with Nature, i.e., observe a Law of Conservation. Alas, in our everyday life, the System forms circumstances just in the way to force a man to constantly infringe the Law of Conservation and to pay for it by his potential and life. As an example, we may take a mountain which has, just like everything around, its own astra-mental plane. A human only uses its physical plane stone and alike; and, even the mountain is fully dug out, it continues exist on astra-mental plane; and humanity ought to compensate the violation perish in earthquakes under house ruins, perish on highways, in terrorist actions, and in other technogenous accidents. If you took without permission, you ought to compensate.

Such human diseases like diathesises, psoriasises, and other skin maladies similar to them, are of incarnational origin as well : fires, Inquisition campfires, pits for a slaked lime. I.e., patients with these diseases died, in their previous life, of burns (yet another type of execution). A corresponding astral address is there in their bowels. Fire was also used in agriculture, so, "corresponding" human beings are perishing just in a fire returning to Nature the potential taken.

In asthma cases, such (wo)men were sinking, in their previous earthen lives; and, corresponding astral address is there in their informational fields. These (wo)men are also sinking today, or, one subsequent "Titanic" is perishing, dams are breaking, floods are bursting out, and so on. It is interesting to mark here that patients having a psoriasis used to have in their actual life someone who has perished in fire; or, they were watching a fire themselves. The patients with asthma are afraid of water from their very childhood, and, they usually were sinking themselves, or, they have seen a drowned man, or, someone from their immediate surroundings have sunk.

Thus far, the cause of idiosyncrasy (idem, allergy) is, first of all, a thoughtless human activity. To correct eniologically such patients, it is necessary to appeal to Creation, in the name of all sane people:

"Everybody who has some day suffered because of a human activity, give us your pardon. Take our help in full correction and normalization. A time will be when people begin understand things going on around them, when they are able to restore every enio violation in Nature. Each of you, whose astral marks are there in this given man, please annul your addresses in informational fields. Let me help to this suffering man. He will get then the opportunity to understand everything around."

At this, you must yourself be firmly convinced that the earthen civilization is able to pass from a pseudo-reasonable phase to the stage of a reasonable existence. Correcting a patient, help every his astral instillation become fully normalized and go to his own Space and Time. Any aggression must be fully excluded! After this a recommended thoughtform:

"After astral instillations are out, a full restoration and structuring of blood and lymphatic patientТs systems are under way."

This is only a pace in an enio correction, but, this pace should be taken into account in a patient general correction. Like a pathogenous zones correction, any other correction, in its potential form, is to be carried out upon every sick person. For instance, an allergic patient from France could not come to your Center for correction; so, in informational fields, you get a patient to be corrected who has a similar address; and, working on him, you are at the same time working on the patient from France. Traditional doctors are then surprised: "You donТt say so! He was ill so seriously, but, got suddenly healthy!"

Thus far, allergy is very profitable for the System which takes a potential away from both a concrete (wo)man and our planet in total. No one could, to our time, understand where did the potential go: to restore Nature or, out of the Creation, to a one imperceivable System.

3. The oncology

The second phase of a Program of Embedding is oncology. This is a purely Karmic disease designed to compensate a person usage of esoteric knowledge to the detriment of others. Some healers believe that such patientsТ Karma may go to the healer, and, they did not correspondingly want to heal such patients. But, I believe, Karma is not a flea. If you are free from too many silly things done, nothing will "jump" onto you.

The oncology may be divided conditionally into three following types.

Type 1.

This is a punishment Ч for so-called "light" or "small" sorcery, i.e., when few people have suffered of it. Such type gives non-malignant tumors and is astra-mentally perceived as a fir (Fig. 109).

Conifers may be conditionally called the vampires. They prefer grow in pathogenous zones. At all times, a man used conifers to build dwellings, ships, and alike. The barbaric extermination of trading forests is now just giving this type of oncology - the extremal form of an allergy. The corresponding potential taken goes for conifers restoration. So one should not use a conifer as, for instance, a New Year decoration. In Russia, this magic rite was set by czar Peter the First who was initiated into a Scottish Masonic lodge.

The second main cause of oncology of this type are abortions. The tumor presents a place of a junction - by an astral umbilical cord - of parents and their unborn children. The type of corresponding astral instillation determines properties of a tumor tissue. For instance, a so-called hernia is a dead personТs astral plane captured. Size of a hernia depends on this astral plane volume. And, a man too big stomach indicates his regret for his died relatives or friends (usually, parents).

If a man dies with such alien astral plane captured, the hernias may appear in his next incarnation(s). So any magic procedure is very undesirable here. To cure the hernia, this clot from a lower astral plane should be merely directed into its own Space and Time.

Such tumor forms may also happen instillated by traumas got, in particular, on cemeteries. Any tumor possesses astra-mental plane, and, we in our Center had a case where small tumor was rapidly moving on a boy body to escape our intervention. We have asked the boy and have learned that alien astral has instillated into him when he was near a cemetery at night: the boy has stumbled there over and cut himself with a glass jar.

Whichever is a cause of a "fir" oncology, in order to correct it you have to ask the Creation and the Nature pardon for all the crimes committed by humanity. Besides, the patient himself has to ask his physical body pardon for his conjuring up and other magic rites, the last ones being a necessary condition for oncology program to be launched. To remove the myomas, fibromas, prostata problems, and so on, women and men have to repent of committing abortion(s) and wish all unborn children happiness, reason, and health in their next incarnation. If a man do this with all his heart, the "fir" pathology disappears at once.

IТd want to remind here once more that it is not allowed to direct any entity to the Sun or Earth kernel, or, personify them with stones, trees, or animals: people are the first guilty of those instillations. So turn to these entities with maximal benevolence, offering them a full correction and way to their Space and Time.

Type 2 (a "coronary" one).

This type is producing metastases and is also a Karmic repayment for usage of esoteric knowledge to the detriment of others on a large scale. In the first instance, this concerns regents, high military officers, magicians and sorcerers making regime stable, then, ministers of religions and, then, members of different magic clans.

On astra-mental plane, this program of this type looks like a crown in a human enio channel. The program may exist latently for years, and, it begins its materialization when this man, in his Field of Events, is accomplishing a mass magic rite. It is of no importance, at this, whether this is being accomplished in his former lives or, will this be only done in his Future incarnation. Some clairvoyants insist that a presence of such crown demonstrates a person affinity to royal kin; I think, it is possible, but, in the first instance, this astral mark shows a forthcoming Karmic repayment for the crimes of that royal kin...

In order to have this oncology started, a man has to perpetrate many mistakes or get a stress, in his given incarnation. Then the program goes down along the man main enio channel and begins to act in a place of immune shell maximal deformation. Let envisage a stomach cancer, for example (Fig. 109.1).

You may compare your sensations from Fig. 109 and 109.1. For instance, disruption through the 5th center was caused by the greatest stress - a death of a close relative. Certainly, this stress situation has been pre-programmed by the System to prevent the man from working out his mistakes. Just at that very moment in his own Field of Events, his "higher" entity he is here expressing has committed infringement of enio Laws, with many of people perished as result. Accordingly to the earthen time, this may take place both three hundred and thousand years ago.

The oncology program is a pre-programmed living entity. This entity is embedding itself into a Multi-dimensionality Pyramid (primarily, in a zone of immune shellТs astra-mental disruption) and begins to eat human entity up. On astral plane, this program-entity is usually perceived as a cold vortex pulling into itself enio potential of both a patient and his surroundings. Step-by-step, the entity produces its roots-metastases into main energy centers of a man, and, in the first instance, into above-mentioned oncology unit placed near a human right clavicle. In blood oncology, a lymphatic unit placed near a left clavicle is usually affected as well. These units are artificial devices the System embedded into almost everyone.

While oncological process is under development, the main enio channel in a patient is, step-by-step, becoming closed. On astral plane, a black "net" is emerging on a cortex. Intermediate stages of the "net" program are different maladies from the "masking branches" connected with a cortex inflammation.

Step-by-step, the patient energy centers (or, chakrams, in the Eastern energy type) stop their functioning; and, connection with the Earth stops, too. The normal energy exchange ceases, and the man becomes an energy vampire. His surroundings commiserates with him, and the System takes away their potential, too.

In the third stage of oncology process, the man entity image in anti-world, as well as in (anti-)reincarnational fields of events, becomes step-by-step disappearing (Fig. 110), and, on the border "world - anti-world", a channel from the System emerges.

A marrow, then, is a blood cells generator; and, in this third stage of oncology, it is being destroyed when watching on the astral plane. A normal healthy man marrow is a structured substance (Fig. 111), while its destruction causes enio violation in blood. So, in the fourth stage of the disease, a patient astra-mental planes of a blood, lymph, and a marrow, are becoming fully destroyed.

In a man normal and healthy condition, oncological processes are do necessary to make human organism develop and regenerate. If there was no accelerated cell proliferation, neither embryos nor physical body traumatized zones could not be developing\restoring. In trauma, information as to a damaged tissue switches on accelerated cell proliferation. If a trauma cause is not Karmic, astra-mental matrix of the physical body stays intacted and saved in the bodyТs informational fields. So these cells have to have time to restore the damaged zone by a matrix. The matrix may be, certainly, of any type.

Children as having few enio mistakes have not got oncological and lymphatic units, so their tissues are regenerating faster and without scars, like in whole flora and fauna on the Earth. It is infringement of Conservation Law that allows the System embedding these units into a man astra-mental plane. These units change tissue regeneration as well as cell proliferation and cause different pathology. Cells genetic apparatus gets the System information, and, mediators appear on the cells surface signalizing "donТt touch us"; so other cells believe them normal. After such embedding, the oncology program begins to build its physical body by the astra-mental matrix yet on account of a man-donor.

But, I insist here once more that oncology in general is curable; it is mainly enough, for a patient, to get aware of his deep mistakes. Informational fields are then being restored, everyone suffered from this man becomes normal, and so on; this is an optimal way to annul Karma. Certainly, the System does not want people to know about such a natural way.

But, the System is now failing, and, high and mighty of this world cannot now use a Karmic transfer. They are now all dying out (and, in the first instance, of oncology), and no one can help them. The perishing System is eating up itself.

In this type of oncology cases correction, it is always necessary to thoroughly investigate whether this a Karmic repayment or a Karmic transfer. The first cases are incurable as enio connections are usually covering thousands and billions of dead and living persons; the patient repentance is here insufficient because the normalization needs here pardon from everyone who has suffered from him. However, this does not mean that one has to decline such patients: in correction, a whole Field of Events is being normalizing; and the correction also covers those who suffered. If even a lethality takes place, a correction of a patient exit to his next incarnation should be carried out all the same, to prevent births of ill persons and\or freaks.

Type 3.

This is a pseudo-oncology situation caused by that a "patient" did not release astra-mental plane of a dead person (is regretting for his death). So above-mentioned Karmic transfer takes place. Clinical manifestations are there, but laboratory tests do not support. In doubts, doctors offer surgical operation to make diagnosis more exact (!..), and, under the operation, the oncology program may freely embed into patient informational fields causing a metastatic form. So medicine will then solemnly claim a corroboration of its initial diagnose...

To heal such a pseudo-disease (the Karmic transfer), you have to request to annul the program, or, otherwise, you have a right to annihilate the whole program and take its potential away for yourself. At this, no so-called astral returns should take place, as magic clans have anticipated the possibility and may transfer the program onto other people. Such a subsequent Karmic transfer will, then, bear your astral address.

But, what is a role of the System here? In a 6-dimensionality, our civilization looks like a LemТs cogitative ocean. In a "coronary" form of oncology, the whole Pyramid is burning out (Fig. 113) and, then, may to collapse. The more is the number of those magically climbing to power, the more will be a volume of those suffering from oncology, and, the sooner our civilization collapse will ensue. By the way, while correcting an oncology program, our enio correctors have seen a crown of a Liberty Statue; and, while watching through one of our Future variants, where an oncological pathology is worked by the earthens out, there have been seen neither this very Liberty Statue nor the United States of America at all.

Figure out, now, an enormous potential accompanying a possible collapse of civilization. And, the System will take it with impunity. Perishing earthens will pull along "our brothers" taken a "stub technogenous track", "brothers" trying to colonize the Earth, and, then, happened infected with enio viruses.

The System has perpetrated mistake. Because of this, a process of annihilation of the System has started. One of projections of this process is full disintegration of all ruling systems on the Earth. I shall envisage this issue below, turning, in the meantime, to a next Program stage.

4. The AIDS

The cause of AIDS as well as many of its bizarre properties are unknown, as yet. For instance, in Rostov-on-Don, at least two cases of healthy children born from the HIV-infected parents are registered. The traditional medicine does not know that corresponding pathogenic "organisms" of AIDS, oncology, and allergy are invisible (i.e., not possessing the physical plane) and parasitizing on a humansТ informational fields. But prior to envisaging this issue in details, IТd want to say some words about such things as epilepsy and murder.

The first cause of the epilepsy is instillation of alien astra-mental planes of murdered people, as well as an excessive regret for their death. In other words, the epilepsy is a Karmic repayment for the murder: the disembodied entity is going to materialization, while relatives of a dead person cries: "WeТll never forget you!...". As a result, a heart attack ensues, or a stroke, or a pregnancy failure - i.e., a trivial murder takes place.

In murder, the astra-mental plane of a victim may instillate into a killer. It is a widely known thing that a killer is as if being pulled to the place of a murder; and, he is pulling just by astra-mental plane of his victim. It is of no importance, whether the murder was goal-directed, or was it done through a carelessness, or was it a soldier duty, or, have a murderer seen his victimТs face, or, did he only push a button and opened an airplane bomb hatch. It is of no difference to the Creation what are the circumstances in which entity accomplishes infringement of Its Law. And, the silliest thing here is a murder of the murderer for a murder he has accomplished.

With time, astra-mental planes of a victim as well as his murderer become merged. In American psychiatry, there was a case marked. An epidemy was there in a small far village, and many of its residents have died, including several she-friends of a woman. She regretted for their death so strongly that she soon became mentally impaired. She would come to the house of one of her deceased she-friends and, calling herself by this she-friend name, looked after her children, did her room, cooked, and so on. After a while, she would to become, for some days, her other she-friend who died, and was living in her home... If those psychiatrists knew about a multi-dimensionality and astrology, they would compile a mutual natal card for this very woman and her she-friends; so they could to point out in advance "who" this woman will be next time. As soon as energy potential of the woman became less than the potential of one of her instillated she-friends, so astra-mental matrix of those women became prevailing over this woman ego and body.

This holds also true for epileptic attacks. In contrast to passive instillation of deceased persons astral plane (the last one manifesting as hernias), in epileptic instillations, astra-mental plane of a murdered person is periodically prevailing over a murderer matrix and ego. Some of such cases are simply a punishment for murder, while others are an instillated person endeavor to become free and go to a next birth. If he/she failed to, and, the astral merging happened strong, the separation takes usually place in a childhood of the person next incarnation. At this, astra-mental matrixes may become damaged and cause a serious disease(s). The epilepsy flashes take usually place 10 years after a war when a mass separation of astra-mental planes of victims and their murderers is beginning.

In a period when our Center was working on a mass of HIV-infected children, an aged married couple came to have consultation complaining of husband epilepsy attacks. Our correction has showed that the man was taking active part in the WW2 and killed then not a one ten of Germans. So this whole company accompanied him everywhere during entire post-war time and, moreover, astrally existed for account of his enio potential. So we asked him to bring a forgiveness to all those "damned fascists" and release them in their next incarnations, and we helped them to do this. The correction passed well and, the couple went home, but, after some time, they came again, with nearly the same complaints.

We have found nothing significant in this couple informational fields and, in the case, offered the man to visit us some times more. And, on one of such subsequent visits, an unexpective attack has started, having nothing to do with an epilepsy attack. By death grip, seizing, with his hand, a hand of a woman sitting next to him as if this was a branch of a tree, the veteran of World War 2 raised himself a little on his feet half-bent and, with an inhuman view, started to watch around the other patients. At this, he has scratching, with his other hand, now and then, his ribs like a chimpanzee. With his ears becoming stuck out and his face wrinkled, and his lower jaw suddenly moved ahead, he gained a full semblance of that very type of an ape. All of our colleagues have at once stopped their work on patients and began to attentively watch through things going on in informational fields. A picture was being compiled step-by-step: some experiments on pituitary gland transplantation; the Sukhumi nursery for monkeys; the suspect experiments in the nursery...

We asked then his wife, and, we have learned that, in a previous hospital, she has given a written note that she did not mind against some new remedy to be tested there on her husband. This was a first prompting for us to study the AIDS program. And, after a while, a second one followed Ч a little girl with African green-blue influenza. Our further studies have indicated that the System has programmed corresponding high-ranked military officers to start actions of a mass self-destruction inside many of Russia towns population...

The HIV-infected persons have their images blurred in (anti-)world and (anti-)incarnational fields, as well as have both their main enio channel and Earth connection blocked (Fig. 114):

In a 3rd center, there is a program of fir pathology; in the 5th and 7th centers, there is impenetrable astral triangle; there is also no astral appendix being a master clock of multi-dimensional immune system. (Surgical removing of this organ has been invented by the System, in order to prepare the AIDS mass embedding when a critical mass of operated patients is achieved.) The thymus astral plane is practically fully blurred, 8th and 9th centers are blocked, and, a marrow is destroyed like under a 3rd oncology stage (Fig. 111,b).

Both AIDS program and its intermediate stage Ч a "coronary" oncology Ч have a task to burn out the humanity multi-dimensionality Pyramids to take their potential fully away. The traditional medicine does not know why a part of HIV-infected patients have their lives long and, without any special diseases, while other part has their HIV stage rapidly moving to the AIDS stage. The explanation is a following one: when a patients entity halfs multi-dimensionality Pyramid is burn out, a stage of AIDS is emerging. At this, the half may be present itself inside another Space and Time (Fig. 115).

Under correction of such patients, one have to take into account that this malady is a planetary-Karmic one; so you have to ask pardon, for this man, from the whole Creation and the Earth Nature.

5. The "A" and "Stella" programs

A slim girl got in touch with our enio correctors complaining of rather trivial problems. But, suddenly, her face gain a savage grimace and, with an eerie howl, she threw herself at the enio correctors. Some male patients who presented there tried to catch her, but she threw them away as if they were little children; she then rushed to the door and, with the same continuing eerie howl, tore out the mass door-handle (the door opening in opposite direction)... In a corridor only, we as a whole crowd managed to somehow knock her off her feet and have her hands and feet tiedЕ This was our standard working day in the year of 1992.

Her correction took then more than three hours, accompanied by her howl and the strongest convulsions; and, in order to normalize her, we have had to give her a whole dozen of our corrections.

This program was, at the moment, new for all of our specialists; so we began to thoroughly find its addresses and marks in informational fields. We have called it "Stella", accordingly to the girlТs name, and we were very thankful to her: our next patient with the same type of pathology happened a special military forcesТ major, weighting about 120 kilograms and having about 2 meters height. Lucky that he didnТt happen the first...

The Stella program was a complex thing, as it was not seen on the astral plane and was not perceived by extrasensory persons; and, intuition was our single source to find it in our subsequent patients.

The program is an alien instillation, inserted not magically, but, through a zero-transition of a multi-dimensionality Pyramid. A human in his usual state of consciousness does not feel the instillation of the type because the entity is out of the Pyramid (Fig. 116). However, its "stalking" way of instillation is usually felt as a sudden attack of a rage and, as a desire to crush everything around. After such test of a Stella program, the entity goes, through the zero-transition, away, and a man feels himself as if something has gone out of him. In active phase of the instillation, a consciousness of a human is practically blocked, and the System may the do anything it "wants", through this man own hands - to kill, to blow up, to torture... And upon removing the instillation, the man remembering and understanding nothing happens, often, under administration of justice...

To embed Stella program, the System was using a human greediness and desire of possessing someone elseТs things: to win prize, or, to find a bulging lost wallet... As an astral symbol for the Stella program, we have chosen a totalizator, the girl Stella being a jockey at our Rostov race track also known with its night UFOs visits. Upon an audience craving for profits, a mass brain-processing and Stella program embedding are being accomplishing under the competitions... And, is it simply a matter of chance that sum of the numbers in a roulette comprises just 666?

The Stella program allowed us to understand many things. In particular, we began to see the PI-program in its entirety. We have initially called the program "A", as a thing watched on the "A" stral plane. Step-by-step, separate units of the program got lanced and worked out by us. All earthen continents excepting Europe and Greenland, starting their names from "A" letter; crop circles and "A" IDS interconnection; "A" -streptococcus in the world and other allegedly non-interlinked things (like Jim "A" ndersen who has died within 24 hours because of a streptococcus "A"; or, "A" nti-biotics as a wide-spread remedy "A" gainst the bacteria ) were for us things to be pondered on. Beginning from England ("A" nglia, in Russian) of the late-1960s, through a semi-crystallic pictogrammed wheat, the System was increasing a power of PI-program, where all sort of bizarre world viruses and epidemics were, only, the stages of it.

Thus far, the System has firstly tried how a human biological destruction will go; and, then, whether this "raw material" might be used to construct biorobots. The last phase of the PI-program is presenting a series of physical projections able to exist in a 4-dimensionality. As I have already said somewhere above, any epidemic is, first of all, a multi-dimensional astra-mental entity whose projection in 4-dimensionality is viruses, bacterias, and phaga. At some cases, a biology of donor is being used as a building material, with corresponding information entered into his genetical structure. After this, the embedded entity-program begins building its body-tumor, - i.e., its materialization begins. But, not going into corresponding details and, also, into so-called Karma, let envisage the Program philosophy.

In this book, the term of "Creation" implies a totality of a multi-dimensional, living, and, cogitative macro-organism our civilization is a part of. The System has embedded itself into our Creation from the outside, and, its taking the potential away of both the earthen and other civilizations is not its main and single purpose. Upon embedding, the System began to build its physical plane for account of the physical planes of everything that exists. This is a multi-dimensional process, and, physical bodies of all of us are only a building material and nutrient medium for the System,s entity striving to be materialized. This is not something from a science fiction because you cannot think out anything absent in informational fields. And, vice versa, any thought image will always be materialized! For instance, thrillersТ plots are usually taken from just the informational fields; or, they can be palmed off by the System to be amplified by an audience and materialized.

By the way, concerning modern situation in Russia: as soon as our earthen civilization gets opportunity to get rid of the System (and, when, thanking to mobile dispersed genes, a humanТs DNA is being corrected), the System,s "lieutenants" on the Earth used to set, without fail, an unrest, to exterminate, in the first instance, the clairvoyant persons and the prophets Ч i.e., the NORMAL people. Such was, for instance, the GorbachevТs "perestroyka".

"And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as [the feet] of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.

And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.

And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who [is] like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?

And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty [and] two months."

"And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number [is] Six hundred threescore [and] six.

Revelation 13:2, 16"

From July, 1996, when I am writing these lines, 42 months are...?

* * *

The Russia President Boris Yeltzin has recantated the power on December 31, 1999, in 12.00, and asked pardon from everyone who had suffered during his regime. A competent deed of an esotericist!..


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На борту НЛО дети подвергались какому-то медицинскому обследованию. Об этом говорили следы от иглы и отметины на щеках (на снимке эти следы на лице помечены кружочками)
Новая статья на Сайте НИЦ "ЭНИО" - О детях на борту НЛО Этому событию исполнилось уже более 25 лет. Четверых детей из...
Четверг, 08 февраля 2018
Вся история России говорит о том, что она была последовательна при любой власти и строе в отстаивании принципов независимости и самоопределения наций и народов.
Финский блогер шокировал Facebook: “вот почему полмира обязаны России по гроб жизни” Вся история России говорит о том, что...
Понедельник, 15 января 2018
при гадании человек подключается к программе СИП (системе изъятия потенциала людей), блокирует свой канал и дальше живёт уже в искусственном Поле Событий.
Новая статья на Сайте НИЦ "ЭНИО" - О гадании При гадании человек подключается к программе СИП (системе изъятия...
Понедельник, 18 декабря 2017
10 декабря 2017 года, в воскресенье, в 12-00 по моск. времени состоится Сеанс Общей Коррекции Виктора Рогожкина. ВХОД СВОБОДНЫЙ
В.Ю. Рогожкин: 10 декабря 2017 г. Сеанс Общей Коррекции Друзья! ВНИМАНИЕ! 10 декабря 2017 года, в воскресенье, в 12-00 по...
Среда, 06 декабря 2017
Благодарим компанию Мой Идеальный Дом за отличную работу!
Благодарим Компанию "Мой Идеальный Дом"! Центр "ЭНИО" благодарит Компанию "Мой Идеальный Дом" за качественный ремонт и дизайн офиса НИЦ...
Четверг, 30 ноября 2017
22 октября 2017 года состоялся Сеанс Общей Коррекции Виктора Рогожкина. Мы благодарны всем кто принимает участие в нашей общей работе.
Сеанс Общей Коррекции Виктора Рогожкина. 22 октября 2017 года На момент публикации видео-записи Сеанса, в общей работе приняли...
Четверг, 02 ноября 2017
В. Рогожкин. Как доехать в Центр ЭНИО на Жмайлова 4е, Ростов-на-Дону. Видео
Как доехать в Центр ЭНИО на Жмайлова 4е, Ростов-на-Дону. Друзья! Для того, чтобы вам было легче найти нас, Виктор...
Воскресенье, 08 октября 2017
В.Ю. Рогожкин: НЛО в сентябре 2017 г. Видео
В.Ю. Рогожкин: НЛО в сентябре 2017 г. Видео Друзья!  Вы наверное уже знаете о массовом появлении НЛО в конце сентября. Определённые...
Понедельник, 02 октября 2017
Новый адрес Представительства НИЦ ЭНИО г. Москва
Новый адрес НИЦ «ЭНИО» в г. Москва Дорогие друзья! С 1 октября 2017 года Представительство НИЦ «ЭНИО» г. Москва...
Суббота, 30 сентября 2017
Мы обновили дизайн Официального сайта НИЦ ЭНИО г. Ростов-на-Дону
У сайта НИЦ "ЭНИО" новый дизайн! Друзья! Мы обновили дизайн нашего сайта - официального сайта НИЦ "ЭНИО" г....
Понедельник, 25 сентября 2017
25-летний Юбилей НИЦ ЭНИО г. Ростов-на-Дону
Центру "ЭНИО" - 25 лет! Дорогие друзья! 23 сентября у Центра "ЭНИО" - Юбилей! Центру исполнилось 25 лет. Смотрите и...
Суббота, 23 сентября 2017
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