When I was a young man just graduated the Moscow University, I was distributed to work on a factory where I was, at first, very astonishing, why workers usually start their Monday working day only about 3 p.m. and only after taking a pretty dose of alcohol. Now I understand why. 1985th year : a Gorbatchov anti-alcohol campaign is being starting in our country; 1986th : the Chernobyl catastrophe... In 1985th, the drunkards begin drinking much of kefir: four bottles of this product contain about 100 g of vodka! This year was also a first wave of toxicomania and narcotism in Russia. Mikhail Gorbatchov and his wife have had a Masonic initiation, and the System has inculcated through them its main breakthrough of the PI-program.

The alcoholism is always a malady, and, a drunkard is a one who used to drink few. In Russian language, there is a perceptible difference between terms "drunkard" and "alcoholic\dipsomaniac". So, for instance, when a Russian husband is a drunkard, but his wife is constantly calling him "alcoholic", a magic personification takes place, and, stable malady program is being put into husband informational field : decreasing an alcohol concentration in his blood; and, in his next incarnation, he will be alcoholic for sure.

The scientific experiments have demonstrated that ethyl alcohol is a natural enzyme in organisms. One of its important functions is to neutralize adrenaline after a stress. The adrenaline may be thrown into a blood and, its (adrenaline) enio constituent part instantly (through a blood enio structure) blocks, for instance, the corresponding muscles. From an organism, the ethyl alcohol removes also the heavy metals, radioactive isotopes and, what is the most important, free radicals : the torn molecular complexes. The last ones may incorporate themselves into other volumentary-resonating molecules, and, when in chromosomes, they may cause corresponding mutations which may be, in turn, a cause of a radiation sickness and\or oncology. As the alcohols can catch and remove the free radicals from a human organism, the System started its anti-alcohol campaign just before a Chernobyl catastrophe: to successfully inculcate a Program "A", new mutagenous agents were necessary. Certainly, another and important mutagenous agent was (and, is) an increased electro-magnetic background, both natural and artificial: rotational fields from electric generators, high-voltage lines, and so on. For instance, electric locomotive field is equal to the strongest electro-magnetic storm caused by our Sun activity. In megalopolises, artificial E-M background is 500 to 1,000 times higher comparing to a natural one; and, locally, the intensity of the field may be ten times more (Fig. 120).

When a human is inside such condition for a rather long period, his endocrinous system fails and his organism starts producing a methyl alcohol. To neutralize it, an ethyl alcohol is necessary; so male workers in above-mentioned factory were maintaining a corresponding balance. On Mondays, they were usually waiting until their accustomed electro-magnetic anomaly restores itself, and they did not work during first half of the working day. Alas, women situation was considerably worseЕ

In bygone days, sailors on a ship that was wrecked have been being saved by a board of the ship, by a ship anchor and anchor chain; or, in critical situation, by a bottle with a short letter inside. To be compared, in our country: all the military technical equipment was (and, is) coded as a "board #.."; every military technical device possesses electrical chains and anchors; so only a bottle rests... Through this bottle a rescue used to come... : the case of a magic personification.

* * *

There was a period in our practice when mass "cases" of suicide and\or eerie dipsomaniac patients started visiting our Center. The patients were usually military men serving, as a rule, in classified rocket-powered troops. Our intensive investigation in corresponding informational fields revealed an interesting program: as long as you are under a secrecy, you are guaranteed against different problems; but after this : without any version! That was the System way to get rid of possible leakage of information concerning, in particular, "our cosmic brothers".

The further investigation in the program was sensational: all patients happened to be connected with metacodes of Germany, Crimea, Novorossiysk, Gelendjik, Baykonur, Semipalatinsk, and, in general, of Krasnoyarsk region. All these localities are, practically, on the same arc. Everyone who happened to be in these regions got a program launching automatically inside themselves.

A lock-on to the Krasnoyarsk metacode was not an accidental one: this was a global program launched by a "Tungus meteorite" enio virus. The Germany end of the arc was not accidental as well: this was just the location of first tests of psychotronic generators directed onto European countriesТ residents. And in informational fields, the main part of the program has, in a rather strange manner, co-incided with a Pope visit in Riga on 09.08.1993.

The launched program of alcoholic dependence blocks one of the occipital centers accounting for normal production of ethyl alcohol in organism. As you possibly remember, it was just an occipital area where Zolotoff zombie program was fixed (Fig. 96). So the alcoholic dependence and the alcoholic disease are two different programs. The first one is a tendency to take yet more of alcohol, while the second is a rapid saturation by yet lesser doses of the product.

But, however that may be, both these absolutely different programs are deeply rooted in a far magic past. Every human possesses his individual enio spectrum, and, when serious magic rites have been being carried out, an alcohol has always been being used, in order to displace a magician own enio spectrum : both at delivering and at taking a blow. Alcohol and aspirin displace the spectrum to opposite sides, so after the blow a magician was usually taking one or another of the preparations; and, only after this, he usually set a corresponding "parsing". It understandable that a strongest magician was usually survived.

"To drink or not to drink..." Everything is good within reasonable limits. This concerns everything excepting the drugs of which the least dose may cause unpredictable consequences. For instance, even a single dose taken by a young girl may cause a menopause at her age of even about 17. She will never be able to give birth and will be forever a supplier of the CD-program. But, the narcotic business is only a top of an iceberg: narcotics are the main constituent part of the System PI-program. After taking a drug, a man happens inside an illusory and artificial world (Fig. 121). His enio connection with the Earth happens broken as well as his main enio channel occurred taken by the System. Instead of having an "apple" structure, his immune shell becomes resembling a "hare with ears" structure where corresponding illusory pictures are being emerging, in parallel with a person alleged astral trips.

In all programs described above, the remote control unit is being controlled by the System and is fixed at a 7th (sexual) human center. So a drug addicted person cannot control his sexual functions and is replenishing the risque group for a Program of Inculcation.


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