Modern pseudo-esoteric schools are facing a problem of astral waste a healer is pushing out of a patient. Some healers used to seal it into stones and throw into reservoirs; others direct it to a cemetery; still others return the defacement to a person which did it; those who have read in astronomy and\or physics, direct it into the Earth's center or to the Sun; and so on. All these actions seem harmless. Nevertheless...

The matter is that the Confiscating System aspires to change a genetical code of the Earth along with all its biological objects. But should it be done directly, an address of the System will happen to be in informational fields, and the System might bear a retribution that it does not want to. So different methods of a sorcery, a spiritism, and alike were palmed off upon the earthens, to make a man choose for himself. After committing a sorcery action and getting, as a result, a malady, a man hurries up to a usually unskilled healer which then extracts the program and directs it into the Earth's kernel; just what the System wanted: inculcate the program with the earthens' own hands.

Nevertheless, where the astral garbage should still be directed?

Firstly, in a process of correction, each and ever personalized assessment as to both a patient and his programs as well as to sorcerers which have put those programs should firmly and absolutely be excluded. For instance, a so-called defacement is usually nothing but an entity magically inculcated into a patient's astra-mental plane. But again, the most part of healers used to drive those entities out through the use of magic procedures. Once upon a time there was living such an entity somewhere in parallel space and time, and could not ever think that some sorcerer should one day distort its accustomed space and time to the extent that this poor fellow finds himself in an astral trap and has no choice but keep living in that prison, in that given man, for account of that trap's energy. But, the entity does not want to live here; it wants to go home, into its own space and time. Nevertheless, a successive sorcerer draws it out again from one prison to the another…

Astra-mental entities are not guilty of that a humanity is magically pushing them into its own space and time. So however awesome they would look like, the healer should loyally help them return to their own space and time.

Besides of entities, programs may be inculcated into astra-mental plane of a victim, through a mentally-verbal magic. Naturally, the programs are also inculcated under a process of instillation. In order to avoid here diffuse explanations, I'd only say that a principle of reciprocally annihilating programs may be used to correct such situations, and "a pure energy" is oozing out to increase a healer's enio potential.

Once more about a Conservation Law: if you take, do not forget to give. If a healer is taking energy and information from egregors for his own needs and is not giving something in return, a presentment will ensue sooner or later. This also concerns all religions that cultivate in their flock a consumerism as to energy-and-informational exchange: "My Lord, bring me Your great forgiveness and help me to sit for an examination and buy a car and a home..." What for should you take, to return later on? Isn't it simpler to build your potential for yourself, under programs annihilated (pict. 68)?

It is more expedient to give the potential to real Absolute rather than keep it at yourself; in such the event, the Absolute might use this potential to normalize the whole Creation. In the event of necessity, you can always use that potential. It is this that allows an enio corrector to always be independent and "in full alertness". This is, probably, a main task of the Reason: to help Absolute to normalize enio exchange in the Creation.

How do you happen to know, whether it will be your own decision or discovery that allow to radically change a situation in one fine moment?

In conclusion of this chapter, some hands-on advises for persons interested.

1. Take a magazine, or a book, or a newspaper. When slowly leading your hand over a text, try to feel sensations in your fingers and\or palms. Keep in mind where have you had a heat and where a cold sensation, and read the text in those places. After a small training, you will be able to find the most negative and the most positive information in a text. I hope you have now understood how blind persons read with their fingers.

2. Make the task more complex. Take small pieces of colored paper, or a banknote, or postal cards with images of flowers, fish, or animals, and try to keep in mind the corresponding sensations. After a training, try to determine a color (or a banknote face-value) in a blindfolded way. Remember that information is being perceived with all multi-dimensional levels of its vehicles, and is being projected into four-dimensionality in form of sensations, thoughts, and their equivalents. With your eyes closed, try to see those images or their equivalents. With time, you will be able to do this with your eyes opened. As Time and Space are the abstract things, make this exercise yet more complex: enclose the colored small pieces of paper into envelope, or, buzz your friend in other town and ask him to do this; and like above. In this instance, however, set down a thought image: the given object is placed within 5 centimeters of my palms.

(For the most inquisitive persons, before special chapter of technogenouse magic: take some (paper-printed) circuit and try to find a faultiness in it. After accumulation the experience, you will be able to remotely diagnose - a car, or an airplane, or a space ship, and even correct alarm situations.)

3. A next step. In a blindfolded way, set your relaxed hands over a text and give a task to your mental plane to find the most positive and the most negative part of the text. (Later on, make the exercise more complex, using still photos, paper-printed circuits, and so on.)

4. Try to have an influence upon gravitational field. With your body slightly leaned back, apply something like toy to it, or a spoon, or a cigarette box, and alike. After a sensation the thing is drawn by the body, sit slowly still.

How do you happen to know, whether you will be able to levitate tomorrow? Try and venture!..


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