Since a some years already, the ENIO Center is conducting the astrological research into catastrophes and general events of social significance. So, concerning a Kagalnitz catastrophe on September 26/1996, the Center's astrologist Gennadiy Masloff demonstrated an interconnection between natal cards of children survived there (or died) and this event's general natal card. All died children possessed, in their natal cards, two or three planets placed accurately between their astrological homes. This demonstrates the highest potential of those children, who, in astrology, are being named "the mutants". Probability of a synchronous presence of such a number of mutants in the same place and time is approximately as if Lenin, Hitler, Khrushchoff, and Yeltzin could find themselves there in the bus...

The families of those suffered in the accident have previously come to a Kagalnitz area from, practically, all the regions of the former USSR; and, all of them have ever seen UFOs. On the morning of catastrophe, all the children were preparing themselves to go to school especially reluctantly, but, on this very day, EVERYONE of them have gone there. The heat-engine railway traction wagon the school bus has collided with was not a preplanned one, too: with only one engine driver, the wagon was headed for a Zlodejskaja ("Wicked"-- !..) railway station to pick there up a supervisor... The wagon was moving with its engine in forward, so the engine driver could not see the bus coming. Besides, a hard mist was there on this morning.

As some of survived children recounted, when their bus has suddenly stalled on the very level crossing, the driver was sitting still without a motion. Children would cried to him of a train coming, but he did not react…

There were many strange things there, in this 18th kilometer. Children have later recollected that some grandmother has been along with them in the bus, and she went out just in front of the level crossing. No one has seen her before, and no one knew where she came from…

Such strange catastrophes of school buses on level crossings used also to happen fairly often before. But, only with this very accident, the Center specialists managed to thoroughly study and demonstrate that the accident has been a preplanned one, by the Outer Reason. When such a tragedy occurs, the dying persons' whole energy potential is being extracted, what is just necessary for the Program of Inculcation.

There have been many attempts to forecast astrologically catastrophic situations, but, most of them have failed. For instance, the data of the greatest 11 of the sea catastrophes have been entered into a computer: the Russian submarines of "Komsomoletz" and "Alexandr Suvorov", a ferry of "Estonia", a ship of "Titanic", and others. When processing the data, a pictogram has emerged in Krasnodar area, on June 1st; then, in Rostov-on-Don, on June 3rd, a powerful poltergeist has happened accompanied by "explosion", and a railway accident has happened in Germany; on June 5th, a most powerful breakdown has happened in Rostov water supply system. All these events took place within 3 to 4 days when Mars and Mercury have passing through so-called "catastrophic axis", the most accurate opposition of two "vicious" motionless stars - Aldebaran (10 grad. Gemini) and Antares (10 grad. Sagittarius). On the evening of 25th May, in 5 gr. Gemini, a regular new moon took place. At this, the Sun and Moon joining occurred, in opposition to Pluto, in 7 gr.Sagit. and at immediate proximity of a "catastrophe axis". In astrology, Pluto is usually associated with natural disasters, and the Sun has passed the axis on June 1st. From June 3 to 5, Mercury was in opposition to Pluto. On studying the natal card of a June 3 poltergeist, Gennadij Masloff has found that a configuration of Mercury-Pluto-Black Moon was accounted for the event. Mercury has been on the axis from June 5 to 7, Mars passed the axis from 5 to 9, being in opposition to Pluto from June 1 to 3. With all this in mind, any astrologist may say confidently that, from June 1 to 10, a situation of breakdowns and catastrophes has formed itself, connected, in the first instance, with a town communicative systems (bridge, in Germany, the train has crashed into; water supply system in Rostov; and, even, the field pictograms). In astrology, the planet of Mercury is traditionally accounted for cereals as well!

However, when working on the sea catastrophes natal cards, no predictability was to be marked, though a horoscope has performed flawlessly when taken in every isolated case.

The situation changes itself radically under envisaging in a heliocentric coordinate system. Sun was placed into a horoscope center, rather than the Earth, as it was traditionally accepted in astrology; at this, a predictability came forward at once! For 9 cards of 11, the Sun was inside a triangle configuration (Tau2), along with, as minimum, two higher planets of Neptune and Uranus. (With Pluto, it occurs significantly rarely.) In the rest two cases, the Sun created the strained situations in relation to those planets, while Mars was aspecting Pluto. At this, in 9 cases, one of the planets was in action (often, Venus and Saturn; and, more rarely, Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune, and Mars). An inaccurate opposition has occurred only once (Mercury - 7 gr. Sagit., Saturn - 13 gr. Gem.). The axis was accurately at the center (a so-called mid-point). In the rest two cases, the axis has not been enacted directly, but, in the case of a s/s "Berlin" (Feb. 21, 1907; 52 gr. N.Lt. and 4 gr. E.Lg.), Jupiter was in conjunction with Neptune at 10 gr. Canc. and in opposition to Uranus in 10 gr. Capr., forming two the most accurate quiconses and two sixtiles relatively to the "catastrophe axis". As concerns a s/s of "Eastland", the axis was not enacted in heliocentric coordinate system, though, in a geocentric one, with Mars and Black Moon standing on the axis. As to a s/s of "Berlin", there was an accurate opposition of Mars (10 gr. Sag.) to the Moon (11 gr. Gem.); i.e., the axis is constantly presenting itself in one or another coordinate system!, In a heliocentric system, however, the values explicate themselves more obviously.

In five cases, zones of 21-23 gr. Libra and 22-25 gr. Canc. were enacted, where Spica, Arctur, Castor, Pollux, and Procio were placed. In relation to the sea catastrophe, the same zones are brightly expressed in a classic heliocentric system, as well. For instance, in the case of "Titanic": South Knot - 21gr.37 m. Lib.; in the case of "Nakhimoff" - South Knot - 21gr.22m.Lib. On the "Nakhimoff" catastrophe's heliocentric map, this zone of 22 gr.Lib. is fully unexpressed. The matter is that, in heliocentric system, an idea of Lunar Knots assumes no sense. (Knots are the crossings where a lunar orbit is being crossed by an ecliptic.)

Those above conclusions have been corroborated by Gennadij Masloff for a case of a Russian "Kursk" submarine. The data gathered have demonstrated that the case was thoroughly preplanned. At this, the Naval Headquarters was warned about a potential catastrophe with 5 years in advance! (The warning was issued by a Ministry of Defense Prognosis Laboratory headed by Alexander Buzinoff; the laboratory is now disbanded.) Famous Vanga of Bulgaria was warning about the case, as well. However, as always, the prophecy has not been heard "at the tops".

At that year, cereals fields were covered with pictograms, all over the world. It is of interest, that a completely analogical pictogram came forward in Britain on July 17, 1991, as well.

In his investigations, the captain Vladimir Shigin of Russia mentions a 19-year repeating cycle. This is a Knots cycle, of 18,5 years, to be correct. In the "Kursk" case, things are more than clear: a Kursk region in Russia has sponsoring the "Kursk" submarine, and, the Kursk pictogram has emerged near a village of Tim. In English, the word of "team" means (you know what); the Kursk region in Russia is famed with its magnetic anomaly, and, at the moment of the submarine's catastrophe, a most powerful magnetic anomaly was registered just at the same point of a Barents Sea. From astrological point of view, this catastrophe's natal card is fully coincided with the ones of "Titanic" and "Nakhimoff".

There was a Sun eclipse on July 31, 2000. On this event's card for Moscow, Russia, the Mars, Mercury, and asteroid of Kursk are placed in 12th Home and are accurately connected to the eclipse grade. This may be treated as naval trainings. By the August 12, Mars, Mercury, and asteroid are moving to the 1st Home, everything secret becoming overt… The president's long silence, as well as Ostankino TV-tower (a symbol of Moscow) fire were not the accidental things.

The reader probably knows already about a submarine UFOs; so, the analysis of the "Kursk" case has led us to conclusion that the submarine had been attacked just by a submarine UFO. The information about the event we placed on our website, on the very day of the catastrophe.

Thus way, a Kursk sacrification was a thoroughly preplanned event. Our "heaven brothers" have warned us. In other words, the "Kursk" was sacrificed for the Outer Reason. At this, the amount of victims was more than a crew only: how many men and women have died of cold and starvation while the submarine was being built during the "democratic reforms"? The result was that, on August 12, everyone has been demonstrated that the earthen war doctrine was really ineffective. However, no one drew any conclusion.

The analysis of the main sea and alike catastrophes demonstrates brightly that, practically, all technogenous breakdowns and catastrophes used to strictly take place in the preplanned time and space. This is being executing by our "cosmic brothers" to extract the energy potential from those ones under the stress. Nevertheless, when synchronously taking into account three above-named factors (a Sun-Neptune-Uranus triangle; an axis of catastrophes; a heliocentric 20-25gr. zones), one may find a possibility of a prediction of catastrophic situations. Databases being expanded (captains' birthdays, date of ship's certification, etc.), a computer process may give out a warning. By the way, such programs exist already, but those "at the top" continue to ignore the crying facts. The matter is that their general aim is to prepare everything for the alien program to be fulfilled.

A question, however, arises, why and, what for, the technocratic way of an earthen evolution occurred to be both dead-ended and hard-preprogrammed by those outer factors? And, what are, really, those outer factors?


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