There are now many prognoses concerning our mutual Future. All of them, however, imply technocratic way of evolution that all of us already know. Many people comprehend now a necessity of changing in general paradigm but cannot figure out what should follow then.

The Future is a multi-variable and more depending on all of us earthens than on any external factors, one of which being the System’s Taking Away the Earthen Potential, with a Program of Inculcation. It is clear that to annul the System’s (sub)programs a radical changing in a thinking mode is necessary; and no one will be able to help us to get out of a bog we are in if we ourselves want to be just there.

It is also clear that, in a multi-dimensional and living organism called the Creation, there are forces able to help a mankind to pass through the crisis which impends and to step onto a natural way of a Reason’s evolution. To achieve this, however, the earthens should become more clever and stop using sorcery and magic in their everyday life, all the more that the magic clans do not have themselves a clear awareness of sorcery and magic mechanisms.

On the face of it, the System’s programs may seem to be super-complex ones, as the System has used for the inculcation the multi-dimensional properties of Time and Space which are unknown to the most of earthens. But with regard to our enio-correctors, the criterion of a practical truthfulness is their everyday practice as well as corresponding real processes on both individual (the patients’ Field of Events normalization) and social level. Without these corroborations, indeed, we in our Center might be considered as mentally deranged...

As a result of our constant analyzing, we insist that there is now a possibility for earthen civilization to get out of a critical situation given. The matter is that notwithstanding that the System has as if been observed every Law of the Creation, a most important of the ones happened nevertheless contravened. The Law may be formulated as follows:

In enio exchange and communication with a Reason of other civilizations, no one has a right of using Spatio-Temporal dimensions higher than that Reason is able to think and communicate in.

The System has permitted itself to contravene this Creation Law because the one have been being constantly contravened by earthens whose Ego has accustomed to treat haughtily the reason of other habitants of the Earth. Everything and everyone on the Earth has a reason, but the humanity does not constantly want to recognize this. Such a position allowed the System to build its projection on the Earth — the regimes. In turn, with formal observation of laws, the regimes have created a constant pressure upon the earthens’ evolution through their proteges and representatives bearing a resemblance to genuine humans.

As the reader already understands, all the events are taking place inside Field of Events where idea of Time is absent. Everything is under way synchronously. So the System has inculcating its (sub)program(s) synchronously into the entire Field of Events. For example, the future young mother is dreaming herself as being in UFO and under an unusual operation, namely: her future son is getting implanted with something strange inserting into his head; then, after his birth, the little son watches a flight of an unknown cigar-form object; shortly thereafter, the implant in his head starts running; then, at his age of 15, the son is reading the books on black magic; at the age of 30, he becomes involved into a political movement; in his 60, he becomes a President, and, through his natal card, all the history of his country is becoming changed… The existence of those parasiting forms which rule and control a social evolution on the Earth is the greatest the System’s contravention of the Creation Laws, indeed.

At this, the outward appearance of the contravention was a similarity of enio communication between the System and the Earth residents, on a level of their possibility and ability to perceive the Creation’s multi-dimensionality. However, the communication was being carried out through men and women transformed into corresponding retransmitters, through the use of implants, external zombie programs, and alike. In informational fields, the substitution was covered up with “brothers in reason”, so the most of so-called contacts were being accompanied with inculcation of the System’s psychotronic technologies. At this, magic clans, with their usual stupidity, were (and, are) sure that there were they who independently developed and inculcated the corresponding programs effecting the right cerebral hemisphere in a man in order, for instance, to provide those wielded power with the “proper” elective results.

Climbing to power is a manifestation of a terrible illness. The last events on our planet arouse disgust for any form of that. In any its form, the phenomenon is a multiple contravention of a Conservation Law in enio exchange between the Creation and a civilization. These contraventions are profitable for the System as allowing it to take away without difficulty a potential of a whole civilization, across the entire Field of Events. For instance, through today’s imperfect legislation, one can take away the potential even in the Middle Ages or in milleniums that passed. The System is doing this constantly, but, the situation is now radically changing.

The System is obliged to stop all its programs and return the potential it took away!

However, for some part of the people, this will not be a pleasure. The matter is that a modern life philosophy that was engrafted by the ruling clans implies a sociality’s existence on a base of a one and single condition, namely: the most of people should not have possibility of free astra-mental exit into informational fields. So corresponding unusual abilities of “mob” representatives were and are being blocked, in parallel with those being stimulated in men and women serving the “higher” authorities in different countries. But, Time changes everything, Pisces Era has transformed itself into the one of Aquarius, some enio laws have radically changed, so the System is now unable to use someone else’s potential with impunity and by the uncontrolled way. Moreover, the System in our world has no chances to survive! During last decades of the Pisces Era that is now quitting the stage, the “unusual” abilities become yet more typical amongst yet more number of people and, in the first instance, among children (but, certainly, not among all).

The society on our planet is now being divided into two its parts: those freely controlling their astra-mental exit into informational fields and those manifesting a full debility (a technocratic versus mentally-evolutionary way of civilization). There is now only a sizing up for the System’s weak spots. Those who have already started on the new way of civilization’s evolution do not want to show themselves in circuses. For instance, such children can now freely read out a document of any stamp of a secrecy and are able to get any information through the informational fields. They can also freely enter any computer program, and can also do this even without a computer! These young “hackers” are the first alarm to the System. This new generation, with their telepathic, astra-mental, dreaming, and similar abilities, will soon wipe off the existing valuables system, along with who feels himself comfortable in it. A business, the dollars, or accounts in bank are now old and stinking trash of a Pisces bloody civilization. The business cannot be a honest thing. Money cannot be pure! Any normal human cannot keep them in hands for long: they are stinking with death! Money and death are the similar and original attributes of the System’s game on the planet of Earth.

Certainly, many men and women will be one day shocked to comprehend that accustomed ideals of their life — money and might — as well as everything they were striving for during their whole lives — happened suddenly dumped (like they themselves, though). They will not be able to understand that the new Era is not merely a calendar date, but a full decline of the era of death and obscurantism, of climbing to power and to mob humiliation.

Michele Nostradamus in his Zenturias mentioned a solar eclipse to be on August 11, 1999. This is, in fact, a single datum to be named directly in his predictions. The interpretations usually name the seventh month of 1999, the one of the Czar of a Horror, the Czar Angolmois, and the planet of Mars. Mass media have named this date “The End of the World”, but, the date has now passed, and everything has as if been OK…

But the event has taken place! The invisible and very important event!

As you possibly know now, the Earth is surrounded with a magnetic sphere protecting it against a cosmic radiation. The sphere is constantly being monitored by scientists of many countries. On August 11, 1999, the monitoring was yet more thorough. And, the following has been published in “Tribuna”, Russia, newspaper from October 1, 1999, by Yuri Bogdanoff, vice-president of Charkoff Technology Institute Co., — concerning the results got on their “Tessey” device:

“At the moment the Moon was screening sun-spots, the Earth was under the strongest anxiety, its electromagnetic field’s parameters being sharply changed. The planet has as if threw out into Cosmos all the energy it accumulated. Then its potential began gradually decrease to zero. The planet began go slowly out from this clinical death condition: its electromagnetic “heart” started working again, with the planet’s new parameters, however; with a field’s vector having changed its direction, the planet resurrected in absolutely new its status.”

The experience in the scientists’ work on “Tessey” allowed the Charkoff researchers to predict the strongest earthquakes to happen within months shortly after the sun eclipse, as well as a sharp increase in cataclysms and epidemics within the subsequent months. The Czar of Horror has come to the Earth, indeed! The most part of the modern earthens will not stand the corresponding changes connected with the vector’s new direction…

We in our Center are of the opinion that August 11, 1999 will be a point of departure on a scale of new evolutionary processes on the Earth. A new Aquarius Era has started as well as a passage to the Sixth Human Race. Be ready to the transition!


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