About two decades ago, in St. Petersburg Physical Institute, a next particle was discovered, with its mass and other features similar to a proton, and bearing a negative charge. When contacting with other particles, this one used to annihilate. Other "anti" particles were subsequently discovered as well. For instance, as a result of contacting electron and positron, a matter and anti-matter annihilate each other and two gamma-quantums are being born (pict. 32). The process is reversible, and, under certain circumstances, two gamma-quantums are giving a birth to the electron-positron pair.

For scientists, it was an enigma of long years, where is there the anti-matter, in the Universe, really? It is understandable that you can get any particle of any parameters inside nuclear accelerators. Meanwhile, science-fiction writers used to describe anti-worlds and anti-civilizations many years before the anti-matter has been discovered. In experiments, only two reliable cases of detected anti-protons were managed to demonstrate: when rising detectors to the height of about 32 km in aerostats, and, subsequently, from satellites. However, the question still stayed unanswered: where is the anti-matter placed, and, why, then, a total annihilation is absent?

In our Center, colleagues have noticed that a patient's enio structure is able to become multi-dimensional (pict. 33). The further investigations have indicated that a patient's enio half, of an opposite sex, used to emerge next to him, as well as all his potential 4-dimensional incarnations. On a physical plane, these reflections just consist of what is being named in science, as matter, - i.e., from electron, proton, and neutron. This reflection we are calling "a world".

At the left side of the reflection, an "anti-world" is being placed, containing its male and female halves, too. Between world and anti-world reflections, in front of them, the world's incarnation fields are being placed, and, behind of them, the anti-world's ones. When watching in a cross-section, you may see something like a four-string cable resembling a cross-section of a neuro fiber (pict. 34). Along the world reflection, a signal from Absolute goes away, and, along an anti-world reflection, the signal returns.

Some time later, we came to the understanding what this was in reality. This is a cross-section of a some Multi-dimensionality Vortex, going from Absolute to a zero-transition, across all the Multi-dimensionality Pyramid. Each twist of the vortex reflects a next n-dimensional space; remember here the combinatorics (see pict. 35).
In other aspect, every coil of the M-Vortex is a summed reason of civilizations inhabiting this given space. As a form of organized matter, the reason is a central nervous system of Creation that controls and normalizes the enio exchange. The Reason is a multi-dimensional thing, like Creation, and is the immanent part of this Creation. The earthen civilization is only a small part of the Reason, one neuro cell inside the Creation. Pitifully, our civilization is a quasi-reasonable one, as yet.

It is quite naturally that things going on our planet are not the accidental ones. I have named the Creation as "our" not accidentally, too. The Galaxy our Solar System is included in bears, in catalogues, a name of "Our Galaxy". In turn, our Creation is included in a sociality of Creations. You may share this concept or not, but this point of view has formed in our Center as a result of a many years' practical work. Moreover, this theory helps us to really help hundreds of people.

So, our Creation is not a single one. With our four-dimensional thinking, it is a stiff task to conceive what has really occurred times ago, but, on a basis of our practice, we came to conclusion that some external and zombying influence has been effected upon our Creation resulting in serious enio-exchange deformities. For instance, an average man starts to act as a biological robot. His brain and nervous system are seemingly intacted in the moment, but are acting accordingly to pre-entered external controlling program.

As they used to say in ancient times, "Every little thing is contained in a greater one, and, every great thing is reflected in a little one". This is not only the best definition for DNA: every cell, in organism, contains information about the whole organism. Similar to this, every human being contains information as to whole Creation. The above-named pathology in humans' evolution is a result of enio-exchange infringements in a multi-dimensional organism of Creation. The model is showed on pict. 36.

To explain it clearer, when a coil of a heat spiral is dead-shorted, the current bypasses this part of a spiral, and there will be no heat on this place. Something like this has taken place with our four-dimensional space named as "Cosmos". The external alien influence "turned it inside up" from a M-Vortex и "dead-shorted". At this, a 12th Law of Intactness occurred violated, the equilibrium inside a system "energy-entropy-negative entropy" (or, "a negative entropy - an information". The traditional science is only operating by eleven laws of intactness - impulse, amount of motion, etc. The 12th law is the esoterical one, concerning the intactness in enio exchange; this will be envisaged below.) This violation resulted in serious breakdowns both in our and our "brothers" evolution. As a result, our 4-dimensional space (and, probably, not only our) became as if ringed up and found itself out of the Absolute control (the Absolute is a brain of Creation). Something like this used to be when a human's neuro tissue is blocked.

Synthetically created egregors started to play role of the lost Absolute - the religious holy entities, through which was just organized the uncontrolled energy exhausting of our civilization's potential. Remember once more that our physical body is only one of reflections\projections of a multi-dimensional entity able to materialize itself through simultaneously acting physical bodies across all the Field of Events.

It is now a stiff task to realize what, in reality, was that alien thing which organized that grandiose system aimed to Extract the humans' Potential. However, our civilization is able to go out of the System for itself and help other civilizations who live in our 4-dimensionality. The Absolute is unable to help here, because it needs help for itself.

When seen under one of the multi-dimensionality aspects, our earthen civilization is an extraordinary situations' polygon to search for alarm exit from a total crisis of the Creation. Once more: time, space, and mass are features of only our own 4-dimensionality; so, things going on our planet are a projection of deformities in higher metrical spaces. And, vice versa, changes in lower metrical spaces of a MD-pyramid would lead to the violence of enio exchange inside a totality of the Creation.

So, for instance, a spiritualism, fortune-telling\cartomancy, sorcery, egotism, power lust, etc., in incarnational reflection of a Field of Events, are being projecting themselves as DNA deformations in the next incarnation. And, a warder which taunts the prisoners provides a Dawn disease to himself, in his own next incarnation.

There are to ways to go out of the situation given: (1) turn the System off forcedly, and, (2) through understanding, by whole civilization, its evolutionary mistakes; and, then, through a penance, make the Info-Fields normal and, thereby, help the Absolute to set our Creation out of that external negative control to make enio exchange normal. Both ways are complex.

It is a stiff task for average man happened under a zombying impact of religion (and\or other psychotronic programs) to make himself free of these influences. And, it's a stiff task to make penance to people and Creation for his or her or our silliness. Nevertheless, the total penance is seemed to be a single mean to solve the situation.


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