There are no miracles on the Earth. A self-consciousness of the Nature, which is a man on the Earth,
should possess an universal sight, oriented not only to the Space, but also to the Time.
The core of a matter lies behind the level of a planetary reason evolution.



Eniology is a science studying the processes of energy and informational exchanging in the universe. In 1989, an "ENIO" Association was set, on the base of which was registered (in April, 1995; No.2693) the International Academy for Energy and Informational Sciences, for a president of which was elected Firjaz R. Khantzeveroff. It was he who, for a long time, headed the one of the most serious war department, has thought of that new term. Now, the Academy unites many science centers both in Russia and abroad.

The term of "eniology" is a modern idea for the most ancient esoteric knowledge of our civilization. Hermes Trismagistus who lived in 2nd-3rd millennium until our era is being considered as a founder of that knowledge. He leaved us more than 30,000 manuscripts on every area of a human knowledge. However, he could not do such a work on his own; so it is being believed that a group has worked whose knowledge was passed us through Hermes. We are the 5th Race on the Earth, and, the 6th has to be a subsequent one. These are incarnations of our civilization : Atlantis, Lemuria, and back to the past.

Unfortunately, the History is being repeated. There already were nuclear and psychotronic wars, on the Earth, and, crude oil and coal are their results. We are now on the verge of a self-devastation, again.

This book not an attempt to usually frighten the Earth residents who all the same is scaring of everything, but, it a quest the way to escape the situation. As its base, the book uses materials being accumulated in "ENIO" Center school for many years. A principal goal of the school is learning the processes of health and safety care in esotericism. Such an approachment is both a hands-on and a modus of life. An esotericism being the same as an eniology, in its modern interpretation, implies a holistic approachment to a knowledge.

All of the great and well-known persons in esotericism were physicists, mathematicians, and, in the same time, the healers. Unfortunately, Hippocrate ruled the medicine away from a holistic temple of esoteric knowledge. As a result, we have now got a full shattering of the phantoms of so called traditional science. The situation we are now in is a result of ill-considered acts of all our civilization which could not learn co-exist without a violation of enio laws.

Nowadays, healing is just a dangerous thing. Why did meet with failure those who, in 80th, rushed to open healers centers? That was a situation where some shepherd lost a control over what is going on the Earth, and, men and women have got an opportunity of gaining experience, thinking it through and enter an esotericism.

When a magician, sorcerer, or healer does not know what is going on while healing he is under a real danger. An analysis has been put through: within last ten years, the most dangerous professions are just those healers, sorcerers, and fortune tellers.

In China, there was very frightening curse: "Let you live when the eras change". We are now living just in such a transition. A Pisces era is over, and, an Aquarius era has begun. Such era alterations are usually connected with moving of Zodiac signs by 30? in every 2160 years, i.e., a sign goes from a one constellation into the another.

The transitions from one era to another have always lead to serious breakdowns. The things we see now : political, economical, and natural cataclysms : are all the result of this enio-transformation. This is the time for modern paradigm to be changed. It is not by chance that, in Pisces era last decade, serious physicists have come to esotericism and became healers. Between these two eras our civilization cleans itself up from its silliness : a some kind of Karma going to a zero.

A Pisces era was characterized by its cruelty and bloodthirstiness. That was an era of wars and violation. Within only XX-th century and, only, according to the court verdicts, 26 millions of men were executed. Among them, for crime actions : about 5%, while other 95% : for nothing. To be compared: it was officially believed recently that, in World War Two, 20 millions have died: however, the number is significantly more.

An eniology is not only a sort of esoteric approach, as an ordinary sense may see the term. This is an omni-covering science. So, the author of the book given should have to come to the esotericism through a physics and aviation, as well as through different kinds of jobs, helping himself watch, in this way, the things going on from the different points of view. Thanking to this, the author could come to a practice without graduating special schools and reading special literature. The great hermetical (i.e., "closed", "clandestine") principle has been, that way, violated Pitifully, in former times, some esoteric schools, orders, and clans have made a series of mistakes. They concealed their knowledge, and, sooner or later, those relevant actions turned against esoteric line resulting in its self-destruction.

Ancient myths and legends say that Hermes have once gathered his disciples and put them a task: "Develop adapted esoteric knowledge for profanes". The term of "profane" means, really, "not initiated into an esoteric clan". The disciples of Hermes went worldwidely. Religions became come into view. Because of this, all they are of the same origin rooted in an Ancient Egypt, although, in modern times, they transformed themselves significantly. So, for example, the Christianity became a genuine Satanism, having nothing in common with a Christ teachings.

Many of esoteric approaching have become so changed nowadays that you, really, cannot see a primordial hidden esoteric sense behind them. These transformations made now our life penetrated with magic cults and rites. In their profaned forms, a knowledge primarily being thoroughly covered-up is now achievable to everyone. This did not happen by chance. There were many great esotericians, in former times, and, nowadays, we have got a great number of low-leveled sorcerers and magicians.

On the other hand, magic and sorcery are only a hands-on part of theoretical esotericism. Those who call themselves a sorcerer or magician make thereby lower their intellectual potential and energy level. Esotericism implies a multi-aspect knowledge. Magic is only a hands-on action. For a human, to raise himself over rural sorcerers and reach a level of a genuine esotericism is rather a complex task. You may limit yourself for meal and other earthen rewards, like yogins would do, or, you may learn by heart all magic literature, with all its rites and Cabbalistic language of its symbols; however, to became a genuine esotericist, you have to be not only knowledgeable, but, also, to live in the esotericism.

In this book, we shall try to envisage the same problems from the different points of view. You cannot form an opinion as to the Truth; it will always be a subjective one. So we shall try here as if to go through an every sphere of a knowledge trying, in parallel, escape a subjectivity. The last one we consider to be as the one of the most complex thing, on a way of becoming a genuine esotericist, : to perceive information without enacting your own ego.

Let image knowledge like a flower (pict. 1). The truth is hidden in the center of it. Every line of the science is one of the petals, or, more accurately, a part of a petal. To form a holistic understanding of the processes, we do shall envisage the problems under different aspects, and, we shall do it through all the book.


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