Our experience allows us to insist that one single fortune-telling with a usage of a, say, camomile, even in your childhood, may happen sufficient to harm every successive life of both you and people around. A health deterioration necessarily ensues. Retribution for fortune-telling are masthopathy, osteochondrosis, headaches, and so on. The fortune-tellers and conjurers have usually an increased probability of infertility and undesirable breaking off a pregnancy, as well as an increased probability to become subjected to the Cosmic Donor program. The professionals of this realm are usually bearing a retribution through oncology and/or brain hemorrhage.

I am being since years astonished by esoterical nonchalance of those professional fortune-tellers. I usually asked them, if they understand the processes they launch, from an enio point of view, and in what, really, way the information they use goes through cards, coffee grounds and similar things; and I usually saw an astonishment in their eyes: they have never think of those processes!

Let's then try to form now our own understanding (pict. 61).

As you remember, energy and information must be reciprocally balanced. If you increase your own negentropy through filling your head with unnecessary information, a probability to lose your energy increases in parallel: everything should be repaid! So, for information obtained from fortune-tellers men and women pay by their health deterioration.

An enio analysis of any card types demonstrates their out-of-the-earth origin. They are the pre-compiled keys to the informational fields, and alien destructive programs are there in these keys. A calculation was simple. As most of people does not have a free access to informational fields, then information concerning a Future may be given by doses; and, to maintain the Conservation Law, it is permissible to confiscate the potential of those participated in fortune-telling.

In this, one more uncomfortable fact takes place: free-will vector is being fixed, and Field of Events is being programmed. In other words, it is our "brother in reason" who talks to you through a fortune-teller. Later on, the predicted events are being accurately fulfilled, but, is it a life of your own?

Free will may be compared with lightning. Special still photos may show that, on its way from cloud to earth, the lightning is moving by intermitting sections (pict. 62):

On having gone a successive section, the main charge stops and throws out its streamers, to find channel of the least resistance. Then a successive throw to the earth follows; while this, all streamers flow into the main channel. Then a next stop follows, and the cycle repeats.

Just in the same manner is usually behaving a man headed by his own free will. For instance, after graduation a school, an uneasy choice of variants follows: a stint in Army, a high school, or, something else... If a man decides to pass his own choice to someone else, catastrophic consequences may ensue. One of the typical examples.

Young man started to get troubles: tensions in family, in his work... On watching his causal-consequent connections in the informational fields, our enio correctors found him (on astra-mental plane) standing on skis and worn a warm military uniform. It has been found that he had to have a stint in Army in Siberia; however, his parents applied all their private connections and, literally, pushed him out of a taken-off airplane. So he served in his native town. However, it was a dead-end streamer in his own Field of Events: he had not got acquainted with his fiancee there in Siberia, and had not moved along with her to a town of Vladivostok where their son and daughter should be born. Only after those events he had to return to his native town. As a result of his parents' pains, a great failure took place in his Field of Events which our correctors were forced to normalize.

Yet another typical situation (let's analyze it eniologically). On deciding to marry, he and she form a family not at the moment when a corresponding seal appears in their documents, but, namely, at the moment when they decided to build a family. (But then again, a moment when a seal appears, is also important, from astrological point of view.) This moment is a consent for entities going into materialization. They usually choose parents for themselves monitoring a parents' DNA, metacode of locality to enter a birth, and so on. The future parents are honored with the right to let those entities to enter our world. Even at her age of five or six, you may see a little girl's future children on her astra-mental plane. Moments of their conception and birth are being set by future children themselves. Thereby, they determine their natal card to fulfill their living tasks. If a woman has to give birth to only two children, her other pregnancies are excluded.

In the event of a woman suddenly deciding to marry other man, the entity who went to materialization happens as if hung in informational fields. Its next way to our world is only possible after its failed parents will die! And until this, the entity will live for account of those failed parents. On a physical plane, the family failed, but on astra-mental one the family is written down in informational fields. At the moments when a failed husband thinks it is OK that he is not married to this woman, his hung streamers are being annihilated, and all the energy responsibility for denying that "soul" to incarnate lies karmically onto that woman. So she usually gets a malady, as we used to see many times in our practice.

Such cases clearly demonstrate that modern Eastern idea of Karma as a responsibility for individual deeds is, in its significant part, rather erroneous. In such events, too many factors are usually enacted, and it is an easy thing, on the System's side, to ascribe you inadequate responsibility...

As our analyze has also demonstrated, all those who are against a wedding possess a greater probability to get oncology or brain disorders. They are not only against a new family, but also against entity who wants to get a birth just in this family. This is a great karmic crime. Besides, in above-described situation, if a person is constantly regretting of his or her failed marriage, he or she is feeding this situation in the Past; and this is an ideal case for the System, because earthen residents are mostly unable to calculate a balance between a mistake and a karmic retribution ensuing.

And, yet another example. One of our she-patients constantly felt a cold sensation. She has been shivery even in a strongly warmed flat. Upon our investigation, it has turned out that, two years ago, she had a summer rest at a Sochi beach. She liked it very much, and she constantly remembered of it later. Thereby, she has constantly supported an astra-mental double of her own, who just stayed to lie on the beach. However, a February is a cold month even in Sochi...

This is a most of people's typical mistake. In their dreams and recollections, they involuntary used to send their astra-mental doubles into their Past or Future. For instance, our enio corrector saw in a girl's Field of Events her astra-mental double wandering next to the Eiffel tower. The girl has never visited Paris, but, wished strongly to be there...

I have a practical device for you. Once and for all built a clear thought image, in your informational fields: "All my doubles are instantly returning to me after their job is over". It concerns not only enio corrections, but also every rest thing connected with your recollections or dreams. The matter is that your forgotten double(s) may be used by unscrupulous magicians or, directly, by our "brothers in reason", to exert karmic transfers. The technique of these actions is unsophisticated and, I think, is also understandable after previous chapters are read. The magician delivers an astral blow to a victim masking himself with your forgotten double; his victim automatically returns the blow, just to this very double (independently on his esoteric background). The magician sends your double to you, and you are getting a blow. The matter is that, in informational fields, just your own address is happening. Our practice allows us to insist that, in the first instance, the astra-mental doubles are being lost by those who used to enlist the aid of fortune-telling and\or used to conjure up. Just to catch everyone without exception, the System thought out fortune-telling and spiritism. Wanting to know his own future, a man unavoidably consents to give out his own potential.

The fortune-telling was once brought to Europe mainly by a Tzy caste from a river of Gangue, - i.e., by gypsies ("tzygans", in Russian). This was an answer of the most powerful magic clan to the crusades of the Europeans wishing to convert to their own faith everyone without exception. The principle was - the more people enters a Christian egregor, the better. However, a Conservation Law was being violated while this. So an Indian magic clan occurred forced to restore violated egregorial balance through his own cult rituals. With time, the followers of primordial magicians "have forgotten" about a role of their "Drang nach West" campaign and have assimilated across the world. From eniological point of view, a following thing took place: the primordial magicians' thought image has, with time, turned into an astral plane's thoughtform. As you remember, to start a materialization, it is necessary to imagine everything as good as possible, and, then, forget it. So Gypsies have forgotten the primordial sense of their campaign, to provide the program's materialization. This program was compiled by the wisest System, and keys for the program, in a form of cards, were yet planted to esotericists of the Ancient Egypt; from there, they passed to the Hindu magic.

Pay attention to Gypsies' bright outfit; this is designed to attract clientele. A brilliance of jewelry hypnotizes a man, and, then, initiation to the Eastern egregor ensues. It was the magic aim of Indian "West campaign": the Christians and the East increased a power of their egregors.

From eniological point of view, when a European is initiated into some Eastern egregor, then, in parallel to downwardly-directed Western, the upwardly-directed Eastern energy flow is being plugged in. This leads to practically entire violation in the immune shell's functions, as well as in the energy centers'. In the first instance, a 7th center happened impaired, - a center of psychological balance. Because of a pressure of upwardly-directed stream, a spinal column is being blocked. With time, this leads to osteochondrosis and headaches. The program gradually transits to physical plane, and salt depots begin to emerge in a spinal column, blood system, and joints.

A fortune-telling and spiritism are practically the same things. In both cases, in order to acquire information, you need appeal to one or another egregor (or, so-called "spirits"), using the pre-compiled programs. But then again, there is a small difference between fortune-telling and spiritism: in spiritism, a parasitic channel is being plugged in 2nd energy center placing in occipital area rather than in a 7th one. For myself, I have conditionally set that this astra-mental channel goes from an occipital area upwardly. Do not forget that an information we receive is being adapted by our mentality for our ego's ability of understanding.

In a process of fortune-telling, a sort of cards, coffee ground, beans, or a "Book of Changes" are usually being used. In modern times, there are different computer programs. As you remember, in fortune-telling, an artificial building of a man's Field of Events is being carried out. The fortune-teller, while giving you information, usually do it in establishing form; if he (or, she) will do it in a mild form, the program may happened not turned-on. A fortune-teller's prestige would suffer, and pre-planned program would happen frustrated. If a death-oriented program takes place, the System will confiscate a potential of the person. At this, a fortune-teller's address is being registered in informational fields, and, with time, he or she will bear a retribution, usually by oncology, and his or her potential will as well go to the System.

The same processes are taking place when an incompetent astrologist gives out information in the same establishing form. And, on the contrary, the competent astrologist usually treats a natal card information in a probability-directed form. In this event, a man's free will stays unimpaired; the astrologist has only warned him.

So it is not an accidental thing that the System (in Russia - in last years mainly) tried to made the astrology free of any its real treasures - through cheap horoscopes and alike. The matter is that a professional astrologist possesses a clairvoyance and can watch through informational fields, and, then, express the information in a natal card form.

Surely, not all the fortune-tellers are only typical transmitters of the Confiscation System's destructive programs. To such specialists, cards or coffee are merely things for a profane client.

While conjuring up in spiritual sessions, the persons coming are usually not those who are intended to be called. It is our "brothers in reason" who are ready in the first instance to share an intimate information, not forgetting to catch up your potential. But then again, the entities/totalities may come, in sessions, as well. The Eastern schools insist that advanced entities are usually embodying rarely - once in every 300 to 500 years. And these disembodied and formerly famous persons as being constantly remembered (i.e., held) by many of embodied ones suffer usually significantly more than formerly average persons. Like an erecting of different memorials (including stelae with deceased persons' photos, bringing them breakfasts up to 40 days, keeping their photos at home, and alike), this is a magic ritual, too, not allowing the deceased ones (their astra-mental plane) to go to their next incarnation.

The most powerful spirit seances are usually taking place while carrying out church magic rituals. "Laudatur Jesus Christus!", or "Sancta Maria gracia plena...", and alike, all the prayers being the egregorial programs for powerful confiscation of the potential. Once you appeal to the System's mediators - well, give your souls in exchange! When appealing to an icon, no one thinks of in what way a deceased person may help.

The sorcery and conjuring ups has filled through our whole life. However, do not despair. On reading this book to its end, you will see the way to go out of this obscurantism. Of course, one may forbid cards, magic saloons, church temples, sects, and so on; but, till a demand exists, a supply will exist, too. The obscurantism has been always prospering on a crowd's ignorance - on the one hand, and, on the other, on a desire to earn a big money.

The path to the Reason is a difficult one; but, this is a single way to go away of a human silliness accumulated in centuries. The System do not want us to become clever. And not every outer civilization will be able to. The Reason is, in the first instance, a responsibility for every deed, on physical, astral, mental and other planes. Alas, it is a stiff task to confess even to ourselves that a cause of every our malady or failure is lying exclusively in our own silliness...


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