In the last decade, the peak of UFO activity was in 1989. This is a key year of 36-years cycle of our country's evolution. In East calendar, 1989th was a year of Serpent, and, the wave of UFO activity was then accompanied by intensification of poltergeist phenomena. During the years 1991-97, there was recession of the phenomenon, and, there was not, practically, any serious poltergeist in Rostov-on-Don. However, in 40-days water poltergeist, in the end of 1997, in Rostov's Basovs family, when water was gushing from ceiling and walls, our Center's collaborators revealed the following:

To some extent, the Basovs family has been connected with a sequence of tragedies which were, in turn, connected with water generally. So, mistress of the flat, Mrs. Basov, has nearly drowned in a river; her brother lived in the same flat, and, mate of the brother who had then put on the brother's sports shirt, has also drowned, under odd circumstances. Mr. Basov has also drowned along with his car, and was saved by a miracle. A brother of his former wife has perished in "Komsomoletz" submarine. Children of Mrs. Basov's female-friends have been drowning as well; and so on.

Our analysis of the phenomenon has demonstrated that, in this given point of a space (the house was built on a river-bed covered now over with ground), and, taking into account the lodgers' natal cards, corresponding conditions have emerged facilitating an overwriting the fields of the men who perished just in a water element. (In Basovs' flat, our enio correctors have sense of as if presenting in a drowned ship or inside a submarine.) And, this water poltergeist occurred necessary to help those perished men in their overwriting into next incarnation; and, when this was done, the poltergeist ceased as well.

In powerful explosive night poltergeist in Rostov, on June 3, 1998, when many people have heard the explosion, a mistress of the exploded flat (Marina, by name) did not hear the explosion at all! But, suddenly waking up at the night, she saw many-colored plasmoid in her room and, then, saw her kitchen in fire. Interestingly, she did not feel any high temperature in the kitchen. In the morning, she turned to our Center.

So, our investigation has demonstrated that, about eight years ago, herself and her son have watched a UFO. Besides, when her mother was pregnant with Marina, she was pursued by a ball lightning. When Marina herself has been pregnant, she was strongly hit by electric current. In her childhood, she happened also involuntary culprit of a fire. Her sister in England is extrasensory and unordinary-thinking person. During three days prior to explosion, Marina has intensively practiced respiratory exercises to remove instillation from herself; and so on.

Our investigation has also demonstrated that the poltergeist was very powerful and was preceded by pictogram in Labinsk (on June 1st) and UFO's flight over Rostov, on June 2nd. However, the most important result was that this Rostov's poltergeist was the cause of a train crash in Germany (on June 3rd), water supply damage in Rostov (on June 5th), a one-minute "missed space" of USA president's aircraft, and many other accidents allegedly not at all interconnected.

Then, over a year precisely, on June 1st, a UFO over Rostov has been being watched during three days, by many people. And there was again the water supply damage in Rostov, as well as other less serious phenomena. These and many other poltergeist have helped our Center to learn better a mechanics of process and to work out the means for liquidation the phenomenon. For instance, in town of Azov, near Rostov, the poltergeist was caused by three extraterrestrial astral entities, something of the astral tourists, with their physical bodies left somewhere in their own far worlds. They decided to energetically feed themselves from earthen residents, so, chose two corresponding women, and initiated first poltergeist manifestations. All subsequent events went then on these women's private energy.

As these cosmic "hooligans" have been caught red-handed by ourselves, they were ought to cease their activity and return into their own Space and Time. But, we have offered one of these entities to go to Rostov along with us, to investigate circumstances more thoroughly. As the investigation was officially offered us by the police, our enio-correctors, along with these astral tourist, called in on the way at a town police-station. It was about 9 p.m., and, all of us wanted to eat. Suddenly all of us felt an odor of home roasted pies filling with cabbage. Our enio-correctors decided that there is a lunchroom in the station, and wanted to by the pies there. However, the station investigator has said that there is no any lunchroom in the station, and, that he himself has thought that enio-correctors are having pies in their bag.

After a while, in a police car, we again felt a pie odor. And, then again, in a passing car and, then, in a trolley bus in Rostov. And we then have guessed: as our correctors have got very hungry, and, as one of them liked such pies very much, the arrested entity decided to insinuate the correctors. However, the entity seemed to be not knowing difference between a taste and an odor...

Shortly thereafter, upon a detailed team-work, we released the entity, and, poltergeist in Azov has stopped. Only after many years, we learned that KGB's special department monitored the events very attentively and was very interested in means for neutralization...

In Moscow, in 1990-91, serious poltergeists have taken place in standard 3-rooms flats (fig. 104). Our investigation has revealed that boys of 12 to 14 years old were inductors of almost every of these poltergeists. But, in every of the "boys" cases, a certain Nicholas Troyanoff, psychotherapist at Moscow perfumery, has visited every of those "boys" flats. Upon coming, he usually explained to a boy's parents that their poltergeist is being connected with their boy's unique abilities, and, that he is ready to teach the boy, and, that, as result of the teaching, the poltergeist will, at last, cease.

His school was a unique one, indeed. He lectured there materialization, astral projection, teleportation, psychometry, and many other things. He was a very experienced magician mastered many unique techniques. For instance, he could, teleportate, to his fellow in USA, any unique Russian icon from any church temple in our country... He wanted to form a group of disciples, and, in his astral form, he used to emerge in a subsequent boy's flat and set there an astral channel. Then, he instillated a powerful larvae into the boy's astral body. To instillate it, a stress is necessary; so, the Troyanoff's astral double, along with a larvae "trained" by him, used to suddenly emerge behind a boy doing his everyday homework, and make his pen to blow up. The boy caught a shock (stress), and larvae instillated. Or, a cranial trauma might be caused by Troyanoff, for the same goal. And, using the boy's energy potential, the larvae initiated so-called poltergeist: spontaneous ignition of things under a boy's view, water torrents from ceiling and\or walls, and alike. Moreover, when the boy was somewhere out, the poltergeist started there as well - because larvae was inside the boy.

Troyanoff's abilities were great, indeed. "Were", because he has died in 1998. We warned him about his actions remotely, but, he ignored. And, after his subsequent masterly-fashioned mockery upon us, we decided to meet on a physical plane; and, we headed to Moscow.

Our conversation at Moscow perfumery took two hours, accompanied by his two private gorillas. Certainly, his tremendous practical experience was authorizing his initially condescending treatment of us. But, when we explained about multi-dimensionality, space combinatorics, direct and indirect time torrents, and so on - atmosphere of the contact has changed radically.

After the conversation, poltergeist phenomena in Moscow flats have sharply decreased, - but, in the meantime, not on the part of UFOs... So any case of a poltergeist requires thorough and detailed investigation, while magic methods of many "specialists' may not only intensify the phenomenon but cause unpredictable consequences for those "specialists" themselves.

The Troyanoff's methods allowed us understand many things - for instance, a case of a longstanding "stinking" poltergeist in a flat of a high-ranking military officer (strange drops of unknown stinking substance on the flat's window panes from the outside). The family would forced go out, the officer's wife has had to leave him, and, poltergeist has continued in his new apartment as well. The mass-spectrography analysis of drops demonstrated them to be a compound of a military poison-gas, the number of its components taking up eight typewritten pages!

As our investigation of the case has also revealed, this "stinking" sort of a poltergeist has been initially initiated through the use of psychotronic technologies similar to ones of Alexander Solodiloff. Possibly, this was a one more inhuman experiment of modern Russia's special services, but, a corresponding influence has exceeded the dose supposed. Also, a matrix of poison-gas was remotely teleportated into officer's astra-mental plane, in order to materialize corresponding odors on account of the officer himself. We think that "specialists" were, first of all, interesting in new murder technology procedures rather than in this given man, because any poison substance might be teleportated directly into organism; and, not any expert examination could identify a cause of such death.

At present time, we in our Center are establishing several sources of poltergeist: (a) our "cosmic brothers", (b) dead persons, (c) persons "on the verge", (d) entities of other spaces, and, (e) the earthen "specialists". The (e) are usually doing like Nicholas Troyanoff (certainly, with much lesser qualification), to find ways to become richer, or, merely acting as usual astral hooligans. The (b) is usually a not-yet-overwritten (into its next incarnation) astral plane of a dead person supported "underliving" by its relatives' regret for him. The (c) are usually persons in coma, or under anaesthetic, or, in a lethargy; all of them want specialists to come and help them return to their physical awared-of body. The (d) are usually those who happened in our earthen Space and Time because of magic actions of earthens, including those like Philadelphia Experiment.

However, water, fire, and other substances in flat poltergeists are usually as if not entirely real. For instance, you may fill a reservoir with that water; but, in a landing, the reservoir will be empty. Or, water in the flat will stay inside and not flow out onto the landing. Or, you may take a burning thing with your bare hands without any burn. To explain these "wrong" water or fire, imagine yourself inside a poltergeist flat where a priest invited by you swings censer and sprinkles walls with so-called holy water; but, in a parallel space, THEIR priest may now do the same! So you are getting a "wrong" water... Remember of Space and Time combinatorics.

Thus far, there is a general rule: while enio-correction of poltergeist, not in any way be aggressive to entities initiated the phenomenon, for the sake of your own safety. In a majority of such cases, to cease poltergeist, it is necessary to help entities to go out to their own Space\Time. And, no striving for this result, and no magic rites to achieve it: the more is indifference, the more chances for positive result!

The recommended thoughtforms may be as follows:

"Everyone needed of a help, do take it. A total correction is under way, for everyone which needs of it. Take the help and go to your own Space\Time. Each party interested in this poltergeist, withdraw instantly your every program; return the potential you have taken and go to your own Space and Time. If you do this, everyone will be thankful to you."

* * *

As to the (a) mentioned above, the UFOs' landing places are the most powerful pathogenous zones. After being in such zones during even some tens of minutes, researchers usually became ill or, even, ended lethally. We in our Center revealed that UFOs are generally acting like a mosquito's sting: they break-through the Earth's astra-mental plane and open channel to seize potential of the planet; or, they are programming a general Field of the Events. Certainly, if a man happens inside such a pathogenous zone, all his potential is drawn off. To neutralize those astral holes, it is recommended to work remotely, although a mentally pure person is transparent for corresponding influences.

A thoughtform may be as follows: "You must not be a parasite! Annul instantly your seizing channel, return everything you have taken, and go to your own Space and Time! If you need for a help, you may take it right now."

And, once more, - no aggression! Remember, that the earthens themselves, with their thoughtless technogenous activity, allowed "our brothers" these "vampiric" actions as well as programmation earthen fields of events.

The reader! Meeting a UFO closely, observe your human dignity and declare your volition inviolability.


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